A little help from Brandon

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Earlier this year Hurricane Irma and Harvey battered Texas and Florida—today millions are still trying to recover their homes, their belongings and their lives.
Two Brandon High School sophomores wanted to help them recover.
Kara Berger and Sara Pesta organized a fundraiser through the school district to help raise money for hurricane relief.
“We heard about the damage and it was devastating to know that people didn’t have electricity, people didn’t have food,” said Berger.
The two teens went to superintendent Matt Outlaw for approval, and he gave them the green light.
So on Oct. 6—Brandon High School, middle school and Harvey Swanson elementary school hosted a pajama and hat day. Students paid $1 to wear pajamas or a hat, or $2 to wear both.
The casual garb fundraiser netted $1,168.30 for hurricane relief, which will be donated to the American Red Cross.
“Kids love pjs and hats,” said Berger.
The two girls also distributed donation jars to local businesses and picked them up two weeks later.
“We knew we would get the most participation that way,” said Pesta.
While more than a thousand miles separate mid-Michigan and the southern United States the girls efforts are recognized.
“I am very proud of Sara and Kara for standing up and doing something to help those affected by the hurricanes,” said Outlaw. “ It shows a lot about their character.”

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