An American soldier with drive

Ortonville-Donning about 40 pounds of body armor, a tan sand colored Army uniform and matching helmet, Sheila Collins has experienced the War in Iraq from a rather unique perspective’from behind the wheel of a truck. Collins, 33, a 1988 graduate of Lamphere High School in Madison Heights, is the daughter of Ortonville residents, JoeAnn and […]

Remembering a patriot

Groveland Twp. – He was born in 1763, joined the Militia of Connecticut at 14, and encountered Gen. George Washington during his service. The Ortonville Cemetery is home to the grave of Norman Phelps Sr.’patriot, family man and resident of Ortonville. Phelps was buried in the cemetery with no designation as a soldier. Now, more […]

Cruising the high anxiety corridor

On M-15, a man was killed when his northbound sports utility vehicle crossed the center line, colliding with a southbound pickup truck. Three family members were killed in a car-truck collision. Two motorcyclists perished in separate incidents. All since February. Love it or hate it, most of us have to drive M-15. Legions of frequent […]

New high school art teacher keeps it ‘all in the family?

Brandon Twp.-When school ended in June, long time Brandon High School art teacher Margaret Hall moved 20 years of personal art supplies from her classroom to her home. This August, Hall’s daughter Jennifer Polasek will help pack up those same supplies and haul them back to the very same classroom her mother had occupied. On […]

Community welcomes Goodrich soldier home

Goodrich-Letters from school children, an e-mail from mom, the green countryside of rural Genesee County. For local soldier Alec MacDougall those simple reminders of home made his six month stint in Iraq a little more palatable. On Tuesday afternoon more than 50 friends, relatives and community members gathered at the Goodrich Park to welcome home […]

After 125 years church still stands on faith

Ortonville- In 1850 the U.S. population totalled about 23 million, California was admitted to the Union and the Ortonville Methodist Church Society gathered in a small stone church about three miles north of town. During the next three decades the small gathering grew and in November 1879 a new Methodist Episcopal Church was dedicated on […]

Former treasurer enters plea

Brandon Twp.- Former Belle Ann Parent Organization treasurer Lori A. Ruhle entered a plea of no-contest to embezzlement of $200 but less than $1,000 on July 15 in Oakland County District Court. She is scheduled to be sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Richard Kuhn on Sept. 14. The court dismissed one count of embezzlement of […]

Last of three brothers visits memorial

Ortonville-Gerald Marsh recently shared some long overdue accolades for efforts during World War II. For Gerald, now 79, the day-long trek to the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C’dedicated to those who served’was a short journey compared to the years since he and his brothers were first called to action. If a local […]

Fireworks damage middle school roof

Brandon Twp.- Area officials say embers from the July 3 Ortonville fireworks display caused damage to the roof of the Brandon Middle School building. Robert McArthur, Brandon fire chief, says a change in wind direction during the fireworks caused the hot embers from the display to drift onto the school, melting the rubber coating which […]

Landfill issue concerns township

Groveland Twp.- At least one township official is concerned that a new Oakland County solid waste landfill may be located inside Groveland Township’s borders. Although unconfirmed, Robert DePalma, Groveland Township supervisor says that during recent years several individuals and county officials have expressed interest in a section of property near the Oakland-Holly township boarder for […]