A potpourri of thoughts

A potpourri of thoughts

In my more than 65 years of writing columns, etc., for our weekly newspapers, I don’t remember ever using the word “potpourri.” Now that I know what potpourri means, expect to see it in future Jottings. I’m going to use it as a mixture of thoughts and topics. I’ve been using every possible moment to […]

The LGBTQ crowd needs more letters.

  You know, I was moving along swimmingly. And, while not ahead of the curve, I was at least riding the wave’s crest in understanding. I was getting it! It of course being the whole sexual identity thing. Just like the old Virginia Slim’s ad campaign touted, I’ve come a long way, baby! Then, what […]

Gov’t bad on water, good at saying ‘no’

I haven’t been exposed to this computer or even daily papers since some doctors convinced my bladder needed a look-see and my eyes were not improving with age When my seeing improved the first headlines were, “3 things Snyder is still doing wrong in Flint.” He made Fortune Magazine’s ranking as 19th in world’s most […]

Dirty feet, no guarantees and love

The past week was one for reflecting, sharing loss, and for sending love through time and space to those who need.* * *A Clarkston family lost their little four year old child. Suddenly he was gone. Their lives forever changed. Sadness. Anger. It ain’t fair. Numbness. The little guy was a bundle of energy, inquisitiveness, […]

Jottin’ about advertisin’, charity

Some Comments about Advertising . . .“Licensed sales agents.” Yes, most can now drive .Medicare vs. Humana. Duh?When a company like AARP deliberately aims itself toward aged, retired people do you get the idea if you are aged or retired that you are targeted?Humana advertising is no different in their goals than lawyers, bedding companies […]

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