Former Brandon Township resident safe from hurricane Harvey

By David Fleet
Clear Lake, Texas- Anthony Lapp considered his community lucky just missing the slow-moving, record-shattering Hurricane Harvey that battered much of the southern coast of Texas over the past week.
Lapp, a 1999 Brandon High School graduate who along wife Erin moved to the city of about 62,000 residents about 60 miles southeast of Houston in August 2011. The couple have two young children Edison and Lawson.
“It’s all clear here,” said Lapp, on Wednesday. “We had some heavy rain but no flooding in our neighborhood. We are on higher ground in our subdivision. There has been some flooding within a mile of our home.”
According to the National Weather Service Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on Aug. 25 as the strongest hurricane to hit the U.S. in more than a decade near Corpus Christi, Texas about 250 southwest of Clear Lake.
“It was just a strong thunderstorm that day,” said Lapp. “It lasted about three hours and then it was over. We loaded up on supplies the week before and there was plenty of food on the shelves in the stores. However, on Tuesday there were lines out the door at the local grocery stores.”
Lapp who is a contractor with NASA said some flooding was reported near the Johnson Space Center near Houston.
“It floods all the time here,” he said. “Many of the low laying areas are underwater. But we are safe here.”

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