Goodrich Woman’s Club, 110 years of service

Goodrich WC

Front from left, Karen Lucik, Paula Moors, Delores Ulshafer, Babe McCormick,, Corky Bohlen, Nancy Dugas, Donna Brothers and Betty Griffith. Back from left, Carol Powers, Linda Sefa, Ruth Powers, Pat Price, Savannah Sawyers, Barbara Horton, Joan Flood, Traci Sasser, Phyllis Nylander, Dawn Bastian and Joan Turner. The Goodrich Woman’s Club. Photo by David Fleet.

On Dec. 9, The Goodrich Woman’s Club celebrated 110 years with a gathering at the Goodrich Lions Hall, 10080 Hegel Road, Goodrich.

Carol Powers club member said the organization is still very strong in the community.

“As times have changed, the club, now called the Goodrich Woman’s Club, has stepped up and helped where the need arises,” said Powers.

“Today, after 110 years, the club is still active with about 20 members. We give back to the community with assistance to the Old Newsboys of Flint and the Goodrich Lions Club, providing hats, mittens and gloves to needy area children.”

Powers recorded some of the long history of the club.

In 1906, thirteen teenage girls from Fanny Ries’ the Baptist Church Sunday school class formed a girls club called the Baptist Young Ladies Club. The purpose of the club was to raise money to assist the church and help needy families. Their early work included remembering Civil War Veterans with a plant, donating a kitchen shower for the then new Wheelock Hospital and entertained their mothers with a tea. With the start of World War I, they sold Liberty Bonds, campaigned for Red Cross funds and made surgical bandages. By 1920, the members has become wives and mothers prompting a name change to the Goodrich Young Ladies Club They held lectures and ice cream socials, took trips to Put-In-Bay, participated in extension programs from Michigan State College and held book reviews. Again, with World War II, they became busy with Red Cross drives, helped needy mothers, and gave funds to the Community Center, Methodist Educational Building and Girls Town among other activities.

To learn more about the Goodrich Woman’s Club 810-696-2917.


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