Heavy police presence to shooter prompts questions

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Ortonville-On Nov. 14 and 15 much of the community was covered police officers, patrol cars, and even SWAT cars. Brandon, Goodrich and Oxford IMG_7762school district closed as a manhunt for a suspected shooter paralyzed the area.
“On the night of the incident, we had 35 to 40 patrol cars up here and officers from every substation in the county,” said Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon substation commander Lieutenant Greg Glover. “The following day we had 45 cars and the SWAT team.”
The heavy police presence stems from the Nov. 14 incident where Micheal Quigley allegedly shot two people, his wife and another man in a village apartment. It was reported he was upset over their pending divorce. Following the shooting, he fled on foot before police could arrive. He was in hiding until around 5 p.m. the following day when a homeowner suspected he was hiding in an unlocked van and called the authorities to take him into custody. On Nov. 17, Quigley, 34, was arraigned on an eight count felony warrant and remains jailed on $8 million bond with no 10 percent surety.
Glover explained to the village council on Monday night the neccesity of the heighten manpower in the township for this incident.
The simple explanation Glover provided—the event just happened to fall on a Wednesday—the day several sheriff units are in routine training with other agencies.
“We had ten times the manpower out here than if it had been a homicide,” he said.
Another factor that contributed to the amount of patrolmen out here in the township was because the shooter was not in custody afterwards.
“I was out of town and when you’re in my position, that phone rings off the hook,” he said. “I was on the phone from the time dispatch contacted me and told me about the shooting until 3 in the morning and the entire next day.”
Glover believes that the number of officers out here forced the shooter to hide right away, which prevented him from getting too far.
“That case was a big deal, I know it was to the residents because the guy was on the loose, but for me personally it was not that big of a case because it was a directed shooting,” he said.

“Now if this was a random shooter where somebody was going from house to house just targeting people, absolutely, that’s a different deal, but we knew who this guys was.”
The SWAT Team is necessary for a possible hostage situation.
“The SWAT team is very useful when somebody barricades themselves in. We don’t send in our patrol men on most instances,” he said. “SWAT team was here just in case he barricaded himself into someone’s home or took someone hostage.”
Glover also believes that the amount of people here wasn’t a bad thing like some may think.
“I’ve been asked if I thought it was overkill manpower wise, in a lot of ways yes, but I’m not so sure there’s ever enough overkill for man power,” he said. “I believe you’re always better off taking the safer route. If we don’t have enough man power up here and something does happen, we have to answer to that.”

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