Letters Jan. 14

Guaranteed health insurance

Dear Editor,

The Republican Party is doubling down on the intelligence of the American people. After electing a former game show host for president, the Republican Party is still selling that Obamacare is not working and that the only solution is to repeal and not replace. Even though 20 million people are currently insured with another 4 million signed up through the last enrollment period. As a result, the number of uninsured people in this country has dropped from 15 percent to 10 percent.

Since the law was enacted, Republicans have been strong on their position that Obamacare is a total disaster. Like many of the Republican Party, their mouths and hands were tied by their party. Many would like to project the false image that they want to improve the law, but those same opponents have not tried for over six years. The real truth is the only complaints are coming from the wealthy companies and billionaires that are large donors to the Republican Party. They are fighting against the restrictions that are part of the law. The same restrictions that force companies to provide health coverage to all of their workers or be faced with steep fines. A current example would be that of the retail giant, WalMart. Led by the billionaire Walton family, WalMart employs over 1 million people, or about 650 times the population of our great town. The Walton family refuses to offer full-time positions over 30 hours so they don’t have to offer health insurance.

They are floating an idea out there of a health care saving plan to replace Obamacare. How can anybody working at WalMart making minimum wage, afford to save anything? With the current wages they make because of Walmart’s greed, they qualify for food stamps. Or do they expect college students with an enormous amount of debt to put money they don’t have into a special savings account? Are you kidding? Maybe their next plan will be a special saving plan for unemployment and social security! I agree that Obamacare may not be the perfect plan, but it is working and has been open for improvements for the last six years. We need guaranteed health insurance for everybody in this country. The same people that don’t agree with that, are the insured for life people under the federal government!

Raymond Bilkos

(In response to Obamacare, replacement, a letter by Joe Wayda, The Citizen, Jan. 7, page 6)

Donaldcare, a modern-day satire

Dear Editor,

In a surprise press conference, president elect Trump announced today that he would eliminate Obamacare, the health plan that provides care to over 20 million Americans, includes preexisting health conditions, allows parents to keep their adult children on their policies until they are 26 and offers affordable premiums. “When the free market drives the costs of health care, like the wildly successful trickledown economics of the 1980’s, Americans can take back their health care,” Trump said, “back to the Dark Ages, believe me.”

Ignoring the fact that insurance companies have had total control of Americans’ health care for over thirty years, dictating what doctors, tests and prescriptions patients can have, Trump echoed the notion that the Affordable Care Act interfered with the “doctor-patient” relationship.

The president elect seemed confused when reporters reminded him that he could not change the law just by his say so. After a whispered conversation with an aide, Trump admitted that the Republican controlled Congress would send him a proposed replacement. The reporters pointed out that the Republican proposals so far resemble the ACA, just without his predecessor’s name on it. Trump said he would have Dorinda Hackenback, Trump literacy aide and longtime Brandon Township resident, read the proposals to him later.

The brief encounter with reporters was cut short so Trump could fly to Moscow to attend a ceremony awarding him The Order of Lenin for “Outstanding Service to the Russian State.”

Bonnie Beltramo

Old Newsboys of Genesee County

Dear editor,

On behalf of the Old Newsboys of Genesee County we would like to thank everyone who helped make our 2016 Paper Drive a huge success. To all of the people who took the time to stop on the corner of M-15 and Hegel Road in Goodrich your generosity neted $4,600. We know you are all busy at that time of year but many of you still took the time to stop. That amount provided 230 children in Genessee County a complete Christmas box. These boxes contain an American made sweatsuit, socks, underwear and a NICE age appropriate toy. The care that you show these children each year never fails to amaze us.

The businesses of Goodrich are a huge support to us, not only monetarily but by providing us the warm food and beverages. They are Beacon and Bridge, The Bull Ring Lounge, Church and Sons Food Mart, Johns Steak House and Goodrich Country Club. Thank-you.

The backbone of our organization are the volunteers who spend hours standing on the corner handing out our newspaper. The volunteers are Mark, Mel and Sean Trowbridge; Dave, Lynn, Patrick and Amanda Hoffman; Larry Flood; Gloria Carpenter; Bill & Donna Brothers; Jacci Brothers; Dave & Jan Swanson; Larry Shuster; Carroll Ferguson; Sue Wadda; Mike & Earlene Wallace; Jim Mitchell; Jon & Jan Fisher; Joe Spress; Tracy McArthur; Linda Shaw; Don Ernest; Jeremy Jacobs and Daniel Jacobs. Without you none of this would be possible.

We hope to see all of you next Dec. eight for our 2017 campaign.

Mark Trowbridge and Lynn Hoffman


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