Letters to the Editor Aug. 12, 2017

Thank you Brandon Rec
Dear Editor,
I wanted to write and thank the entire Brandon Parks and Rec Department for another great year of youth baseball.
One exciting addition was the hiring of Glen Venner, who ran the baseball program. He is the perfect fit for good ol’ fashioned small-town ball. He did a great job of getting the kids excited, keeping things running smoothly and even putting out a few “fires”. His enthusiasm for youth baseball is very clear. I hope that Glen returns to the program next year.
I hope that parents who may be considering baseball next year give Brandon Parks and Rec a try. While the program has its share of quirks and hiccups, I feel it is moving forward in a positive manner. As a team sponsor and manager I can’t wait for downtown ball again next Summer!
Andrea Austin
Don’t be so nasty
(In response to ‘No swamp drain,’ The Citizen, Aug. 5, page 6)
Dear Editor,
I beg to differ with you Ms. Runyon. President Trump won the election, fair and square, so lets not be nasty here. Hillary would have led this country right into a Saul Alinsky Socialist Nation, like the democrats are trying to do now.
By the way, if you’ve invested any money in the Stock Market since President Trump has taken office, you should probably withdraw it now…we wouldn’t want you to take any money that our new and improved president.. who has brought this country of ours back to what it used to be..would you?
Deborra Okolovitch
Good job Susan
(In response to Goodbye and thank you, a column by Susan Bromley, Aug. 5, page 7)
Dear Editor,
Wow, I was stunned and saddened by the “last letter/article” by Susan Bromley. And a little disgusted with myself that it takes someone leaving before one wakes up to say what a great journalist and writer she is. She has participated in the writing of some of the articles about my pottery and I was amazed after a 20 minute dialogue she can put magic to words and express things that I never could. I also sat in some of the recent Iron Belle trail meetings and Susan was there jotting notes. My head was swimming after those meetings. A few days later there would be a concise and articulate article that pulled it all together. Amazing.
Hats off to you, Susan! I wish you the best in your career. I know you are probably traveling on to bigger and better papers, but Ortonville will miss the wonderful gifts of journalism you gave us! Best to you!!!
Sue Kolb
The sky is not falling
(In response to ‘No swamp drain,’ The Citizen, Aug. 5, page 6)
Dear Editor,
Mrs. Runyon once again calls for the impeachment of our current President. I think this demand begs the question: What crime did he commit that would meet the criteria for impeachment? You say that he is a disgrace to the title of President of the United States. Where were you for the last eight years when his predecessor was in office and he turned the United States into a laughing stock around the world! You are starting to sort of remind me of a character that I recall from my childhood named Chicken Little. The sky is not falling Mrs. Runyon, so perhaps you can stop shouting into the wind. Just a closing thought for you Mrs. Runyon, You finished your remarks last week by stating “Trump and his Trumpets must go” well, seeing as how roughly 60 percent of your fellow citizen’s around here voted for the man does that mean you want all of “those” people to leave too? I hope you realize that you just insulted more than half of the people you share this community with!
Paul S. Lucas
Good luck Susan
(In response to Goodbye and thank you, a column by Susan Bromley, Aug. 5, page 7)
Dear Editor,
It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your most recent reporting on the importance of Sex Ed and thank you for helping me help others! Out of all the stories told in The Citizen, your stories carried the most value. Your reporting on Grace Centers of Hope was also very memorable. Good luck in your future endeavors.
Steve and Tina Ayala

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