Letters to the editor, Aug. 26, 2017

Death to mosquitoes
Dear Editor,
The guys of the street department (can do anything it seems) recently spent several laborious hours cleaning overgrowth from the creek in our neighborhood, the creek had become stagnant and insects were thriving.
The guys did a outstanding job of opening the creek back to a flowing stream and they also did a outstanding job of cleaning up and repairing any damage done to neighborhood property.
All of the men were courteous to the neighbors in conversation and deeds. The Taylor family and myself thank these guys sincerely for the hard word and a job well done.
Hopefully our neighbors will all contribute to maintaining the creek by routine maintenance near the creek…less mosquitos benefits us all..
Lance Gunn Mill Street
Dear Editor,
Voter remorse. My sympathy for the voters who fell for the lies of Trump. “Are we great yet,” no absolutely not. How sad to learn of his admiration of the KKK. His obsession with Obama is the fact that a black man was successful and more populate. Obama Care will endure while Trump’s destiny will be infamy. Dale Bond

Thank you neighbors
Dear Editor,
We belong to the Facebook Group “Ortonville Area, Neighbor helping Neighbor”. In the past two years, we have helped families in the area with meals, clothing, Christmas gifts, every day needs, and back-to-school supplies. We have helped provide 42 children with their back-to-school needs so far this year. We rely solely on word of mouth and help from those in our community.
We recently found someone liquidating their overstock of backpacks, selling them for $5 each. We told our group about it and offered to pick them up if anyone else wanted to chip in. We raised enough money for 60 backpacks.
Two local business owners reached out and bought the entire lot of bags for us. Dr. Jay Stark, owner of Brandon Chiropractic, and Koula Stoll, owner of Burdick Street Equipment, deserve our thanks and admiration. Together, they purchased 70 backpacks for our community. Now the money originally collected can be used to buy supplies to fill the bags and provide other needed items to our “closets” at each school.
Join our Facebook page to help, or you can contact Brandon Community Church of the Nazarene, where together we provide a “no questions asked clothing closet.”
Thank you Dr. Stark and Koula Stoll, from the bottom of our hearts.
Courtney McClerren, Amber Traub and the rest of the Neighbors
Dream on
(In response to, Trump impeached? a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Aug. 19, page 7)
..Dream on “sista”… President Donald Trump will still be Potus after the next Presidential election…just so you know ahead of time….and yes, sometimes President Trump talks like a third grader..so folks like you are able to comprehend what he is trying to get you liberals to understand. It’s also a huge PLUS that he is also a Christian.
Deborra Okolovitch

The Donald J Trump Early Learning Center
Brandon Schools announced the creation of the Donald J Trump Early Learning Center today.
Designed for one client, the President of the United States, the Center will teach early developmental skills like discipline, not hitting others, sitting still, self-control and respect for others.
“We hope the President can learn as he works alongside 4 and 5-year-old kids. This is basic stuff he missed as a kid, “Dorinda Hackenback, noted educator and longtime Brandon Township resident said.
The Center is funded through collections of returnable beverage containers by desperate Brandon Township residents. These Trump supporters hope to salvage his presidency. “But we have noticed that most contributed cans and bottles are from alcohol,” Dorinda stated, recognizing a shift from pop cans in earlier collections.
Ms. Hackenback cut the interview short when a food fight broke out over who had the biggest cookie during snack time.
Bonnie Beltramo

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