Letters to the Editor Aug. 5, 2017

Consider trail safety
(In response to: ‘Decision needed on Iron Belle Trail,’ The Citizen, July 29, page 1)
Dear Editor,
When will our township start to really listen to its people regarding the Iron Belle Trail bike path?
First of all I would like to challenge the council and all people involved to drive down Hummer Lake Road and take a good look at the beautiful landscape and realize how many trees would have to be removed. Consider the legal speed limit is 55 mph it is already dangerous pulling out of our driveways, many of them are hidden.
The gas lines are on the same side, so many negatives and not enough plusses.
It’s amazing that over 100 residents showed up at the meeting to express their feelings against it and were put on hold. When the first proposal was voted on, one council member did not want it near his home and it was removed.
I’m not against a trail, just please consider the safety for all.
Margaret Christiansen
Waste of tax dollars
(In response to: ‘Decision needed on Iron Belle Trail,’ The Citizen, July 29, page 1)
Dear Editor,
At the July 25 Brandon Township Board of Trustees meeting it was requested by a citizen to look at Lake Orion and Rochester to see how vibrant they were because of the trail.
It can be argued the main reasons these communities thrive is because of paved and ditched roads and sewers for businesses and schools. The average income per household is higher and lot sizes are smaller, more houses, more tax maney to spend on beautification and luxuries.
It wasn’t told until this last meeting that if the project funding runs out before it is done or the new governor ends funding, township residents may have to pay to finish it. There has never been full funding or maintenance money.
We already pay taxes for county and township parks. Our township already has a new two-mile bike trail.
This trail will cost an estimated $255 million for the whole thing. Stop this waste in our rural community please. The trail money comes from gas and registration fees, our fees were recently increased for the road repairs.
Think how many roads that money can repair—this is just one trail.
Government motto, “waste, waste, waste your tax dollars.”
Rick Gibbons
No swamp drain
Dear Editor,
Donald Trump is a disgrace to the title of “President of the United States of America.” What is it going to take before the powers that be begin impeachment proceedings? Every time he opens his mouth he says something detrimental about our country, the Boy Scouts of America or encourages police brutality. News flash folks, he can’t “drain the swamp.” He is the swamp.
Trump and his little “Trumplets” must go.
Sylvia Runyon
Thank you from O.A.T.S.
Dear Editor,
I would like to thank Chris Wilson and his staff at Forster’s Car Wash in Ortonville for sponsoring “Clean Up for O.A.T.S.” on July 29. All tips for the day were donated to help O.A.T.S. (Offering Alternative Therapy with Smiles) provide therapeutic horseback riding to special needs individuals. We were hoping to raise $500, but the citizens of Ortonville demonstrated their tremendous generosity and we more than doubled our goal with $1,160 raised. We want to thank everyone who donated as well as our volunteers who towel-dried cars. O.A.T.S. is a privately funded, volunteer-based organization. We rely on the generosity of caring people to continue our important work. Thanks again to everyone who helped.
Beth Pellerito
Executive Director

Last chance
(In response to: ‘Decision needed on Iron Belle Trail,’ The Citizen, July 29, 2017, page 1)
Dear Editor,
We have two months until Oakland County wants to know if we want to be a part of the Iron Belle Trail or they will bypass us. We must let our village council and township board members know our thoughts and feelings. I personally do not want to see our community turned into a ghost town. Our council and board has had all the information needed at the end of 2015 to say yes or no on the trail.
The council and board are doing our local businesses an injustice when they neglect and don’t encourage something this easy to stimulate our community to be viable again. They are working against not only our people, but our businesses, which looks like a dereliction of duty.
The cost of the trail is paid by grants and the maintenance is equal to about $2 per household– YES, $2, about what some spend on a bottle of water, if we don’t get adopt-a-trail or public service to do the work free.
Please contact board members and village council members and let your wishes be known. Contact information is available at brandontownship.us and villageofortonville.com.
Dave Van Dis

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