Letters to the editor Dec. 2

Thank you community
Dear Editor,
We would like to send heartfelt thank you’s to the Brandon Township Community. The outpouring of support, help and courage from our neighbors and friends has been amazing. The Candlelight Vigil and Ribbon Tying on Sunday evening in honor of Deputy Overall would not have been possible without the help of the community. A special thank you to the speakers: Sheriff Bouchard, Congressman Bentivolio, Supervisor Kathy Thurman, President Wayne Wills, Councilman Dan Eschmann, Dr. Matt Outlaw, Pastor Matt Bailey, and Pastor Cliff Powell. We would also like to thank Deputy Overall’s family and friends for joining us, Jeremy Chestnutt for providing us with a PA System, the CERT Team for handling street and traffic control, Wojos Greenhouse and Candy Cane Tree Farm for donations of wreaths, Aimee and Rich from Blue Dog Designs for their continued help and support with the wreaths and stands, all of the local businesses who have put ribbons and wreaths in their store fronts, all the community members who donated and distributed ribbons and wreaths and who have hung wreaths and tied ribbons throughout the community, and last but not least Lt. Greg Glover and Chief Dave Kwapis. The events of the weekend brought us closer as a community, showed our strength when we come together, and epitomized what a community should be. We will be forever grateful for the continued support, outpouring of kind words and offers of help that brought our community together to honor Deputy Overall. Finally we offer our deepest condolences, heartfelt prayers, and warmest thanks to all of our Deputies, Firefighters, First Responders, and their families. As a community let’s continue to honor Deputy Overall by living by his moto: Never Quit.
Dana DePalma and Courtney McClerren

(In response to Not a Sucker, a letter by Dale Bond, The Citizen, Nov. 25, page 6).
Looking like a sucker
Dear Editor,
Mr. Bond; Where did you get your information regarding Mr. Ryan. Your statement; “The conservative, Paul Ryan, fiscal hawk, proposes that they borrow tons of money in order to give a huge tax decrease” is, in my opinion, a perfect example of an oxymoron. A “fiscal hawk” by definition, would never propose borrowing more money. A “fiscal hawk” would instead propose cutting spending. Everytime Mr. Ryan has made a statement regarding this topic he has said that they (Republicans/Conservatives) want to cut spending, reduce taxes, and re-write the tax laws. The direct opposite of the genius Democrats, whom I would like to remind you, refused to balance the budget, put us in debt to the tune of $20 trillion by borrowing to pay for all their failed social programs, and put our economy on the brink of collapse. President Trump has us now in a much better environment fiscally and economically with our growth rate back on the healthy side of 3 percent, people’s income is rising and is now no longer stagnant, the stock market is healthy, and the unemployment rate is down by a noticeable margin. You can’t argue with success! You may want to change your news sources and your opinion Mr. Bond because if you keep believing the people you’re listening to, you risk looking like that sucker you profess not to be.
Paul S. Lucas

(In response to “Suspected Ortonville shooter in police custody,” The Citizen, Nov. 18, page 1)
Local homeowner omitted
Dear Editor
I was disappointed that the staff writer chose to omit what I consider to be an important detail in the “Suspected Ortonville Shooter” article. The fact that a local homeowner initially apprehended the suspected shooter is quite remarkable. As I watched the briefly aired news interview with the homeowner, I was amazed by his seemingly calm and level-headed demeanor. And yes, in a situation that could have easily turned violent, he admitted that he had a gun.
It is no secret that legal carrying of a weapon has become an issue of heated political debate. It is also no secret that our news reporters and journalists have been known to over-report certain issues while obscuring other stories. I am not sure whether the Citizen’s writer omitted the aforementioned facts intentionally or not.
I am weary of those reporting the news espousing their views and bias. It seems to be a misuse of the journalist’s/reporter’s platform. Whatever happened to reporting the facts?
Lizabeth Ales

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