Letters to the editor Nov. 18

(In respons to, “Belle Ann property considered by township,” The Citizen, Nov. 11, page 1.From thecitizenonline.com)
Township property?
Dear Editor,
Out of curiosity, is the township expected to increase in population substantially in the near future that would cause the need for increased staffing and storage that would require a manifold increase in building size? Doesn’t the township already own property on M-15 that was going to be used for fire and township offices at one time? Aren’t we in dire need of replacing ambulances and firetrucks? Didn’t we just build a big park complete with new soccer fields on Hadley Road recently? Just thoughts.
Jason Gault

(In respons to, “Belle Ann property considered by township,” The Citizen, Nov. 11, page 1.From thecitizenonline.com)
Great idea for township
Dear Editor,
I think this would be an wonderful thing for the township, especially if there could be some sort of banquet area. There is not a suitable location within the township that would accommodate receptions, showers, etc. Not to mention the facility usage fees that the township could save (assuming they pay for usage of the gym and such for parks and recreation purposes).
Toni Seling

(In response to Deer baiting needed, a letter by Don Kingerski, The Citizen, Nov. 4, page 7)
Complacent society
Dear Editor,
I’d like to agree with you Mr. Kengerski on several of your points but disagree on some others.
I disagree about there being a lack of ethics and fair chase. Sure, we’ve got a few hunters that lean that way but the vast majority do not. I believe baiting is so popular now because nobody has, or makes the time to do the pre-hunt scouting. Back in the day everyone would participate in it. It was part of the entire hunting experience. I for one, kinda miss it. Now everyone is so busy with work we’ve become a bit lazy about it. Kids are busy with after school activities, video games and the like that we’ve allowed ourselves to become complacent. Perhaps I could persuade you to take a different approach. I’m sure you’ve heard of the hunter safety program. It’s a state sponsored mini-school that teaches our youth all about hunting. Ethics, tracking, firearms safety and so on. With all your experience, knowledge, and sense of tradition you would make an excellent instructor. Give it some thought and maybe you will decide to share some of your expertise with our children. I did it for 6 years and I gotta tell you, it was a very rewarding experience for me! You can contact the DNR to find out how to sign-up or stop by a local sportsman’s club. Anyone else out there that’s possibly interested, check it out!
If you are already an instructor or have been one…Thanks for your public service.
Paul S. Lucas

(In response to “Shut the heck up,” a letter by John R. Rose, The Citizen, Nov. 4, page 16)
No incorrect letter
Dear Editor,
There is no incorrect Letter to the Editor, no proper formula, no unacceptable pattern. The Viewpoint column in The Citizen and other reader submission pages belong to the people. Amid all the compliments my letters get, there remains the need for diversity, for wide ranging opinions from more than just me, more than just a few. We need everyone’s involvement, everyone’s passion, everyone’s ideas.
No matter if your letter is sad, rambling, incoherent, pithy, sarcastic, sincere, hopeful, angry: we need it. Sure, you take the risk of hurt feelings, attention you may not like, disappointing opposition. So what? Democracy depends on robust, vigorous engagement of all her citizens, even those without parakeets.
Bonnie Beltramo

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