Letters to the editor Nov. 25

(In response to Village fowl now fair, The Citizen, Oct. 28, page 1)
Village mannors
Dear Editor,
I am a Village of Ortonville resident. I do not own a chicken or do I ever intend to own a chicken. I do however fully support the right of other village residents to own and raise chickens should they so choose.
As to the concerns of the two council members that did not vote in favor of suspending the enforcement of the ban I question their reasons. One cited parts of a CDC report on salmonella but not having read the entire report myself I could not use that information he stated to persuade me to encourage a vote to uphold the ban of the chickens. As we have heard in the news lately how bits and pieces can be reported however one wants the information to be skewed. There was not one person at the meeting Oct. 23, 2017 that voiced a favorable opinion on enforcing the ban or have I seen one sign encouraging the ban on chickens.
Two council members that voted against suspending the ban stated they were there to represent the entire village not 7 chicken ownders. Last I checked 188 village residents had signed a petition to request chickens be allowed in the Village of Ortonville and in the last election one of the council members was elected with 230 votes. I question who they are really representing.
This Village cannot go on with this council’s running their own personal agendas. The Village has lost good Village maners and I have heard that a potential new hire turned down the job because there is such a split in the council members. Let’s get together for the good of our village. As an almost lifelong resident of the village and a fourth generation of Ortonville it makes me very sad to see what a few have done to our town. When one looks at Goodrich, Oxford, Holly, or Fenton and the growth of businesses for those towns it is easy to see that there have been some unwise and very poor decisions made concerning ours.
Luann Sutton Mann

Not a sucker
Dear Editor,
Folks, I am not kidding. The conservative Paul Ryan, fiscal hawk, proposes that they borrow tons of money in order to give a huge tax decrease. What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that? I can borrow up the hilt and live high on the hog. Then when I win the lottery I can pay it back.
With apology to Chris Kristoferson, “Let the devil take tomorrow, tonight I need a friend,” Now get this great idea. Ten years from now (When I am not in office) perhaps the democrats will have to pay it back, genius, believe me, Ryan and Trump actually think they can pull this scam off. Lock em up. We deserve better.
Not a sucker,
Dale Bond

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