Letters to the editor Oct. 21

Bullying, hate
Dear Editor,
I watched the village council meeting of Sept.26 on our cable station last night and I see bullying and hate by four council members is alive and well. I was proud of those people that got up and told the council— “you are hurting the village in every way you can.”
I think it’s time at a open meeting that each of you get up and be honest, tell your reason for wanting the village to fail.
To the township people that are saying they were lied to about the cost regarding the trail, I sat in two meetings as long as two years ago where we were told straight out, by the lady from the DNR, that they would not totally fund the trail. If the people that are representing us did know that, shame on you, don’t call the DNR liars.
Ron Sutton
Chicken signs
Dear Editor,
There are a lot of signs in town that say save the chickens but not save the roosters. I take this as gender discrimination.
Tom Sharpe
Keep calm & keep chickens
Dear Editor,
I would like to take a minute to remind the council that they are representatives of the people and elected by the people. We live in a rural community, and to begin to take away the things that make our community rural is the exact opposite of what we need and what you were elected to do. You were chosen to uphold our values, to protect our rural character and integrity, and to do what’s right.
We are now asking that you listen, with open minds, and make the decision that is right for our community as a whole. We have chosen to live in a small town, where tractors are routinely seen driving down the street, the feed store is the local gathering place, and where we know our neighbors and treat them like family. We ask that you make a decision that protects, promotes, and preservers our way of life. Keep Calm and Keep Chickens.
Courtney McClerren

Stand up for chickens
Dear Editor,
I hope that everyone that supports backyard chickens in downtown Ortonville joins us for the Village Council meeting, Monday October 23, 7 pm at the Brandon Township Office, 395 Mill Street (behind the Village Pub). The more people attend, the bigger statement we make!
Brenda Timmermans
(In response to, Township board nixes Belle Iron trail connection 7-0, The Citizen, Oct. 14, page 1.)
Stay off trails
Dear Editor
It is my sincere hope that with all the people who were against any trails, or trail in Brandon Township it’s now becoming a reality it’s gone. That not one of those persons who were along the proposed routes or who voiced their opinions in the press or at any of the meetings that any trail would bring criminals and pedophiles or leave trash in their yards—would even think about ever going to any of the other trails in other communities. That would be so hypocritical .
Why should you enjoy those trails? Why should you drop trash in someone else’s yard? Or shop at any of the stores along the route? You did not want any of this here. So stay away from the others.
Peter Kier
Trails unsure
Dear Editor,
I have with interest been watching the (Brandon Township) trail news. I am sorry for no trail. I was hoping it could go into Groveland (Township) also. Many areas have trails. However, we do not live close to our road and I do not know my thoughts for a trail in my front yard.
Also, really enjoyed the, “I Lost My Shoe, poem in The Citizen, Letters to the Editor in the Oct. 14 edition. What a great story about the shoe. More please.
Charles Rockwell
Hope we’re not too late
Dear Editor,
How long are we the people going to allow the boy who would be king, be the leader of the free world. Donald Trump is unstable, unqualified and unfit to be president of the United States of America. Is he taking his cues from another UN (Kim Jong UN) that we read about? I have been interested in politics since F.D.R. years. I can remember our family sitting around our big philco radio (no TV then) and listening to F.D.R. and the news during World War II years.

Our nation was not divided then. We all pulled together. I can remember hearing my mother and dad praying on their knees for God to take care of our soldier boys, and bring them home safely. They prayed for our president that God would give him wisdom.
How did we get to a place where a show boat. A man unable to speak truth, to show empathy (Puerto Rico), to listen to those around him who have experience and knowledge. In my first letter I wrote a sentence that said “Can we start the impeachment process now before irreparable damage is done to this country we love?” I hope we are not too late for this. Trump and his little Trumplets (Ivanka, Jared and Don jr.) must be sent packing. We do not need the Trump Brand on the White House. God bless America, land that I love
Sylvia Runyon
America’s obituary
Dear Editor
American Democracy died today after a long struggle with Fascism. Surrounded by 330 million citizens and countless others worldwide, America gave her last breath reciting the phrases “Give me your poor….” and, “your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” She was 241 years old.
Born on July 4th, 1776, America had been a beacon of hope and inspiration. She had responded whenever nations turned their lonely eyes to her. She had been a champion of democracy and equal treatment under the law.
Mourned by many, honored for good works throughout her long history, she had declined in recent years, racked by racism, authoritarian leaders and a sense of confusion and fear in a fast-changing culture.
Survived by millions of disillusioned citizens, America accepted as her own all racial and ethnic groups, even though Native Americans were her only natural children.
Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Donald J Trump, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C.
Bonnie Beltramo
(In response to, Township board nixes Belle Iron trail connection 7-0, The Citizen, Oct. 14, page 1.)
IBT short-sighted loss to community
Dear Editor,
My husband & I attended the Brandon Township board meeting Oct. 5th, to review the fact-finding report generated by the IBT Subcommittee and observe the vote needed if Brandon would be participating in the IBT trail. We were excited about the opportunity, as we are year-round outdoor enthusiasts and proponents for any opportunity further enhancing those experiences. We were looking forward to an efficiently managed meeting that would be effective in both presenting pertinent data researched, as well as an appropriate conclusion based on that data. What we observed was far from our expectations, in both behavior and protocol. Violations of the Code of Conduct (lack of transparency), inappropriate posturing (bordering on bullying tactics) by board members, and a disdane for the data compiled by the IBT volunteers. Objective data tossed aside frivolously in lieu of opinions for self-serving interests instead of what should be best serving the greater good.
It was apparent the IBT subcommittee data compiled clearly addressed many concerns expressed by those opposed. We found it odd the dissenting conclusions drawn, as there was a win-win for everyone. No private property used. Township money would not be required for matching funds (there were four financial avenues accessing private trusts), and the trail installed on existing easements. Accessing Right-Of-Way/government easements for personal use is trespassing. Is that the hidden agenda behind Route C removed – someone wanted it for themselves? Smells of self-serving instead of serving others.
The feedback survey, sent in everyone’s tax bill, returned an overwhelming support for having the IBT connector pass through Brandon Township, but a clear feasibility plan not efficiently managed. Identification of one route, grant confirmation, and a plan securing matching private funds that are already available once the project is confirmed, should have been the process. Our taxes, which would have come back to Brandon Township in the form of a newly built IBT connector, will now go to others. For those who challenged this, stating, “Spend the township money elsewhere” – there is no money. The funds were a grant building the IBT connector – period. Brandon’s loss will be another community’s gain.
Alicia DiGirolamo
Witches Night Out
Dear Editor,
Thank you to all the wonderful witches that came out for “Witches Night Out” on Oct. 14 in downtown Ortonville, despite the wet weather. It was a magical night, full of laughter, smiles and friends. A very special thanks to my husband Vince for all his help, Bob McArthur, DPW, Randy Adam, Aaron Yahn, the historical society, Mason Stars, Brandon High School Choir and all the businesses that participated in the event.
Thank you to Mark and Allison Brauer and Brenda Timmermans. Can’t wait to see all the pictures. And of course the Friends of Amos and DDA.
See you next year,
Toni Mariucci

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