Letters to the editor Oct. 28

Keep calm & keep chickens, again
Dear Editor,
To say I am disappointed would be a bit of an understatement. I am thrilled that the council agreed to suspend the enforcement of the current ordinance. I am happy to hear that they intend to look into creating a new ordinance. However, the manipulation of statistics, the outright lies, and the callous statement that 200 signatures does not represent their constituents is beyond disappointing. We have a council member who berated the last council for ignoring the will of the people, yet is now sitting there doing the exact same thing. We have another council member who picks and chooses which of their constituents to listen to and which statistics matter. None of the council members against chickens actually know anything about chickens. When will you believe the residents and the experts they continue to present to you? How many signatures will be enough to prove that the majority is in support? One hundred was enough for sewers, but 200 isn’t enough for chickens? We are too rural for sewers, but not rural enough for chickens?
Keep Calm and Keep Chickens
Courtney McClerren
(In response to America’s obituary, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Oct. 21, page 7)
“Help Bonnie Fund”
Dear Editor,
Sorry to hear about the death of your nation Ms. Beltramo. Not to seem unfeeling about your loss, but I’m confused. MY country is very much alive and beginning to thrive again. The economy is bouncing back, tax laws are being changed to help the American people and businesses, unemployment is waaay down, We are finally doing something positive with the immigration policies/situation and so many other things in the pipeline. You once again throw out that buzzword of racism, yet President Trump has repeatedly condemned racism while your hero, Barack Obama, hosted his good friends, Reverends Wright, Sharpton and Farrakhan, professed bigots/racists all, as frequent visitors to the White House. Perhaps I can help with your grief. It’s unhealthy to linger at the gravesite for too long so may I offer you a ride to your new home and a fresh start….Canada or maybe France. Now I can’t drive you to France but I know if we put the word out all sorts of people would gladly donate to the “Help Bonnie Fund” for a 1st Class (one way) plane ticket to Paris. I bet we could even get enough to get you settled in your new country with some walking around money. Let’s meet at Bueche’s in the fruit aisle (I’m sure you will feel right at home) to make plans! Bon Apetite!
Paul S. Lucas
(In response to, “Hope it’s not too late and America’s obituary”, letters to the editor, The Citizen, Oct. 21 page 6 &7)
Give it up ladies
Dear Editor,
I see that we have Ms. S. Runyon and of course, contributing editor wanna be Ms. Bonnie Beltramo are it again.
Give it up ladies, In case you haven’t been listening to the news, our unemployment rate has dropped, the Stock Market is going up, and the jobs are coming in. Hillary Clinton is a washed up never was, always picking on everyone else for her failures…and remember her “motto” “open borders and free college”, if that were the case we would all be on the welfare wagon. I would be willing to bet that the “Clinton Foundation” is for the Clintons only, they don’t seem to be the kind of folks who actually donate to a good cause, they are to interested in themselves. So maybe you two ladies could get yourselves a crying towel and carry it around with you for the next 7 years and three months.
Deborra Okolovitch

Thank you
Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the merchants at Bueche’s Plaza for sponsoring “Septemberfest for O.A.T.S.” on Sept. 23 which raised over $2,500 to support our therapeutic horseback riding programs. Bueche’s Food World, Ace Hardware, Anytime Fitness, Verizon, Pet Supplies Plus, Grondins, Hungry Howie’s, Oak Family Pharmacy, and Wojo’s Greenhouse all contributed to make the event a success. Of course, I want to thank the people of the Ortonville area for their generosity and our volunteers, too. O.A.T.S. (which stands for Offering Alternative Therapy with Smiles) provides equine therapy to about 100 special needs children and adults each week throughout the year. We are dependent on the generosity of local businesses and the people of the Ortonville area to continue our mission of promoting the health, well-being and happiness of handicapped individuals. We also rely on our volunteers and we are always in need of additional volunteers. For more information call (248) 620-1775. Thanks again to everyone who helped make “Septemberfest for O.A.T.S. at Bueche’s Plaza” a success.

Beth Pellerito
Executive Director

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