Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14

Country living
Dear Editor,
Although the ViewPoints offers a variety of free speech – when a post starts off asking readers to “grow up” since their viewpoint does not agree with his – it’s hard to take them seriously.
I dislike everything about the Iron Bell Trail. As a woman of science I’d love to see actual evidence that shows people are more willing to bike 1-8 miles to a city/village to spend money with their families because a trail was added they can take rather then drive there and spend money. Even the hypothesis of it does not make sense! Growing the community you live in to draw people to spend money there starts at the location you want them to go – not the route to travel there! “Build it and they will come.” Does not refer to the roads paved to get there, it’s what’s there when you get there. I believe you have forgotten where you live. Brandon township and Ortonville are not inter-cities and the distance between places is greater then those of other cities for a reason. The country living feeling is what people love about this area. When residences are upset a trail can possibly go through their two acre lot it’s because it’s a two acre lot and not made for sidewalks.
Are the businesses downtown struggling because there’s no roads to get there? I don’t think so. If they are struggling it has nothing to do with the ability to get there!
How about start with putting money into the community and things to do there before the modes of transportation.
Amanda Krompetz
Chicken-less response
(In response to Chicken-less, a letter by Brenda Timmermans, The Citizen, Sept. 2, page 7)
Dear editor,
The chicken motion/vote at the last Village Council meeting was not 7-0 against chickens. Rather, that vote was 4-3 to enforce the current ordinance, which calls for NO chickens at all, by council members Skornicka, Sleva, Eschmann and Butzu.
Council members Brice, Dylus and Wills voted AGAINST this, which would have paved the way for a more relaxing ordinance.
My apologies for giving the wrong impression in my previous Letter to the Editor and making it look like they were all against allowing chickens in downtown Ortonville.
Brenda Timmermans
No Trail
Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter in reference to the proposed inclusion of Brandon Township on the Iron Belle Trail.
I have been closely following the coverage in The Citizen, and feel compelled to make my voice heard in this matter.
After living in the Detroit suburb of Redford Twp, for almost 30 years, I moved my family to rural Brandon Twp, in April of 2017. We now live on Corey Lane, North of Hummer Lake Road, between Sashabaw and Hadley roads. Our intention in moving to Brandon Township was to escape the noise, congestion and commotion of the urban area. We enjoy the small town and rural atmosphere of Brandon Township, Ortonville and the surrounding communities. As I write this letter, I am watching deer forage for apples in our back yard and we had front row seats for the recent meteor showers, none of which we would be able to enjoy in the city.
I am gravely concerned about the proposed Iron Belle trail as well as the proposed routes for that trail. I believe that allowing this trial will only increase traffic and noise in the area. For residents of the area, we have a wealth of community and county parks that can be used for biking and walking. The proposed routes will not bring a measurable increase to business in the area, as they run primarily through rural residential areas. If we want to put it to a vote, only those living on or adjacent to the proposed routes should be allowed to vote. What happens when the state cuts budgets for the maintenance and policing of the trail?
What happens when the state cuts budget for the construction of the trail and we are left with an unfinished eyesore. I understand that other communities such as Lake Orion and Rochester have embraced such trails in their communities and the congestion in those communities rivals that of suburban Detroit. Do we really need, or want to bring that to our peaceful area? I strongly suggest the answer to that question and by extension to hosting the Iron Belle trail, is a resounding NO.
Dave Murray
Squeaky wheel bans chickens
Dear Editor,
Who does the Village of Ortonville think they are? We don’t even have sewers? We are not Birmingham or Bloomfield Hills. We pride ourselves on being one of the last rural communities in Oakland County. No Chickens?! Lansing, Farmington Hills, Troy, Clawson and on and on allow chickens.
There were two households in the entire Village that complained about Ordinance 90.36 A not enforced. Rather than getting the pulse of the entire community, the council chose to be influenced by the ‘squeaky wheel’ and/or their own opinion on raising chickens. Shame on them!
Karen Anderson

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