Letters to the editor, Sept. 2, 2017

Trash alert
Dear Editor,
The Citizen needs a trash alert on the front page. A big red check mark, warning of a Bonnie Beltramo letter, so it can hit the trash on the way from the mailbox.
When will you realize that our hometown paper has become her platform for her obsessive thinking and shaming of anyone outside of her echo chamber? Please, please! give us a front page warning!
Jodi Barrigar
Call off chase
Dear Editor,
(In response to: Fraud suspects nabbed after high speed chase, The Citizen, Aug. 19, page 1)
The article noted the “miracle” that no one, including unsuspecting citizens, were hurt or killed as a result of the high speed chase.
We’ve driven the Grange Hall -Trip Road route a few times since then. Speeds over a hundred through the blind hills and curved roads lined with trees could have caused the death or injury of someone or a family, which would not be worth the $2,280 that didn’t actually get stolen.
Respectfully, in the heat of the moment with a disobedient, fleeing suspect immediately endangering people by running a red light at 85 mph across M-15 midday, the police may want to reconsider this potential future situation to rather reduce the risk to the community by calling off the high-speed chase and try to catch them ahead after broadcasting specifics of the vehicle, plate number, and description of the suspects to neighboring law enforcement.
Thank you for your bravery and best judgement as you serve and protect with honor.
Rob Clifton
Why all the hate?
(In response to, The Donald J. Trump Early Learning Center, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen Aug. 26, page 7)
Dear Editor,
Well…Ms. Beltramo I see that you have written in for two consecutive weeks with your arrogant, elitist, sarcasm towards our current President….again.
I’ve just have to know: Where does all this hate come from?
First, you make snide and disparaging remarks about what you call his “3rd grade literacy level” as a reason to imprison him and then the following week you see fit to expand on those thoughts by making a tongue and cheek derisive, elitist, conceited and arrogant opinion piece about those same thoughts. I wonder how blessed you must consider yourself to be the smartest person in “these here parts.” You are truly special.
I think people are more apt to follow someone who speaks truthfully in a plain and simple manner and then follows thru on his promises as opposed to slick talking, lying politicians, aka Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton who hold the American public in contempt with they’re (and you’re) elitist smugness and attitude. I’m sure you know this because you are so smart but President Trump gr aduated from some of the finest schools we have.
He is ANYTHING but uneducated. Mr. Bond…I don’t know where you’re getting your facts? You haven’t been talking over the back fence with Ms. Beltramo and she’s whipped you into a frenzy has she? For the record…President Trump has, on NUMEROUS occasions, spoken out condemning ALL groups who spout hateful, racist speech. He has , in particular, singled out and spoken against the Neo-Nazi’s, White Supremists and their like. He has never spoken out towards Obama because of his “success”. He has always disagreed with his policies.
I think by describing Obama as a successful black man you’ve revealed you true colors and they’re not pretty. When in doubt always play the race card eh.
Vickie Lucas
Thank you Atlas Firefighters
Dear Editor,
I would like to extend a special thank you to some hometown heroes. The Atlas Twp Fire Department had 3 special members retire recently that have been a great asset to this community and will be missed immensely. They deserve to be recognized more for their service than a generic letter sent in the mail. Lt. Terry Castor and Firefighter Len Thiel joined the ATFD 21 years ago. Chief Fred Forys has served for 34 years. I graduated the academy with Len and Terry and have charged into numerous burning buildings with them at my side for the last 21 years.

We have left our families behind in the middle of the night and on holidays and birthdays to serve the community. The things chief Fred Forys has accomplished in his time with the department would consume this entire newspaper. What makes these 3 special is not only what they have done on the fire scene but what they have done behind the scene. They have all worked so hard on and off the clock making sure we have better equipment, better trained firefighters and a better overall department. They have also been responsible for raising money for several charities within Genesee County and putting on numerous community events.
They will be missed more than you or they will know. Although we are saddened with their departure, we are all better off for having them in our lives.
If you know who they are please give them a well-deserved thank you for all that they have done and sacrificed for Atlas Township. Thank you.
Captain Ed Klimek
Atlas Twp Fire Department
Dear Editor,
Monday night at the Village Council Meeting I was shocked to see how 7 people could make, in my opinion, such an ill-informed, one-sided decision, to not allow residents to raise chickens in downtown Ortonville.
It was hard to sit there, hear the council members bring up all the reasons against chickens, and for me not being able to respond to any of that because the agenda wouldn’t allow it. Decision made! Boom! Just like that!
I started raising chickens to get my daughter involved in 4H. We all grew to love them like pets. She even brought her bantam rooster, Mister Nugget, to school one day. And then there is the benefit of fresh eggs, that we happily share with our neighbors and friends. For me it is like a little meditation, being with my chickens. I sit there, watch them being all content, with their own little personalities, and forget about the harder stuff in life.
I applaud Council members doing research but it seemed that some of them had already decided chickens were no good, period. I thought the Council was supposed to represent all citizens and hear all sides of the story. Did anyone come talk to me or any other chicken owner? Did any of the Council members make an effort to understand our passion for chickens?
I just think it is disappointing that we can not own chickens in rural Ortonville, with so many other, more urban municipalities in Oakland County allowing them.
Brenda Timmermans
Progress, quality of life in Brandon
(In response to letters for Township Iron Belle Trail input, The Citizen Aug. 19, page 2)
Dear Editor,
In recent leters to the editor, published in The Citizen some commented the path would be “nice” and “great.”
One said to look at Rochester and what a beautiful addition a path is to that community. Has anyone looked at our beautiful township hall? The weeds are multiplying and the bricks are falling off. We cannot accommodate the number of people at meetings; many have to stand in the hall. If people wanted bike paths why did they move in the country? We are not Rochester, why didn’t these people move there instead of trying to force us to accommodate them?
It was also mentioned the roads are not safe because of blind hills and blind turns. How will a path change the overall safety of these roads since bikers/walkers will still have to cross them? People are worried about safety biking, we cross the same dangerous roads on foot every day to get our mail or paper and no one worries about us.
As far as progress the Brandon high school and middle school water treatment plant is failing. Last year the voters turned down a new treatment plant. While the township is working on a less costly solution we don’t know if it will work in the long run. Our business district has problems expanding or starting new ventures because of the sewer system or lack of. Voters in favor of the bike path think putting future tax dollars into a path is more important than the health of students and people who work in the township, not to mention business expansion.
At some point bicyclists or walkers will still have to go on busy roads to get to the paths. Local paths are already in place. I have to take my golf clubs and boat to places where I can use them yet I am not asking for closer courses or lakes to accommodate my hobbies. Yes, we always want something but I do not want the trail in my front yard. I want my future tax dollars to improve the necessities of the Township not the niceties. We need to get our priorities straight. Please don’t put wants above the needs of our township.
Debi Gibbons


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