Letters to the Editor, Sept. 9, 2017

Trash concern
Dear Editor,
Just wanted to report two huge garbage dumps on Granger Road in two different locations about 75 yards apart between Kent Road and Rattlesnake Lane. It’s obviously from the same person or persons.
I came across this garbage Saturday morning, Sept. 2, on my way to the post office so I assume it happened sometime Friday night Sept. 1.
I contacted the Brandon substation who searched though the garbage and is currently investigating the violation.
I’m concerned too, that if we don’t have the resources to police this type of activity that occurred in the open, how are law enforcement expected to patrol a Brandon trail system (Iron Belle Trail) that in many cases is far more remote.
Thanks for your time, this was very disturbing to see this volume of dumping right out in public for everyone to see.
Martin J. Reid
Too many ifs
Dear Editor,
This afternoon (Sept. 2) a gentleman stopped by our house to talk to us about the Iron Belle trail. Informing us that if approved, it could possibly go through our front yard. To be perfectly honest I think it’s a bad idea. Not only would we be losing several feet of property ( that I’m assuming we would still have to pay taxes on and homeowners insurance) but our front yards would be torn up for however long it takes to complete these trails.
My main concern however is the safety of my children should they want to ride their bikes in our driveway or play in the front yard. I’ve seen enough of the complaints with the Pollyann trail in Oxford from the people that live adjacent to it to know that safety is a concern. From the creepy people, to break-ins and the litter thrown in their yards.What happens if someone gets hurt on that trail in my front yard? Will my homeowners insurance take that hit?
There are too many “What “ifs” to consider for this to possibly be a good idea at this time. How about we stop wasting tax payers money? Maybe you should consider putting that money into speed limit signs on Granger Road where people are doing anywhere from 50- 70 miles an hour.
Megan Buckley
All good things cost
Dear Editor,
Growing up, we used the bike trail by my house regularly through the summer to go downtown and get food, ice cream, or a movie. I still remember the bonding I did with my family and my community because we had access to that trail. I’ve moved away and I would still donate to keep that trail maintained if needed. And even today, my wife and I regularly go into Oxford or Rochester (and patronize their businesses) because of the joy of walking and biking on the Polly Ann and Paint Creek Trails. We would love so much to do these things in our own community!
I can assure you that we spend money we otherwise wouldn’t in communities we otherwise wouldn’t be in because of these trails. What if that community was Ortonville and Brandon Townsphip? If this opportunity is missed and this trail is built through some other route or not built at all, our community will suffer. We will fail to gain the additional spending in Ortonville businesses and the growth in property values this trail would bring, and some other community will gain. What’s more, Brandon will fail to attract new families that will pay property taxes and fill our schools.
I realize that it will cost our township some money. I know that people are hesitant to have a trail on their property (though I have no idea why; I’d love a bike trail past my house!). All good things have some cost to them. But what if people came here to have fun with their families and buy from our businesses and appreciate the beauty of our neighborhoods? This path will be a beautiful thing, and if you want our township to thrive, it is the opportunity we need to take. I encourage Brandon residents to please email the Trails Sub-Committee by Sept. 12 expressing their support for a portion of the Iron Belle Trail to run though this proud community.
Michael Williams

Thank you volunteers
Dear Editor,
I was recently told by a fellow citizen that he had done research on positive comments in our local paper about trails and found out that some were authored by Clarkston residents. I did not confirm this information, however, if it’s true this is another case of other communities trying to influence ours. We cannot ask the papers to edit free speech. We sincerely hope when our board members read their comments they know these people do not live here and while their opinions may be worth mentioning they are not residents of our township and will not be directly affected. The trail is not being put in their yard therefore they think it’s ok to put it in ours. It is unconscionable that people who don’t live in Brandon Township try to get their agendas passed here just as some did when they voted on this issue at a previous Brandon Township meeting.
I would like to thank the volunteers who spent their time this past holiday weekend to get signatures, the residents who took the time to listen, and the already over taxed who were only too happy to vote and sign the petitions.
Rick Gibbons

(In response to Why all the hate?, a letter by Vickie Lucas and Trash alert, a letter by Jodi Barrigar, The Citizen, Sept. 2, page 6)
Thank you ladies
Dear Editor,
Ms. Jodi Barrigar and Ms. Vickie Lucas!….Loved your “View Points” in The Citizen last week. You two knocked it out of the ballpark!..It made my day!
Deborra Okolovitch

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