Opening day ‘I do’


By Susan Bromley

Staff Writer

Brandon Twp.– Lisa Salsini and Brad Czechowski didn’t want a big, fancy wedding.

They’d both been married before, and were going for a more laid-back, relaxed vibe, so they got hitched April 7 at the Boat Bar, and followed it up with a celebration in downtown Detroit to kick-off both their marriage and the Tigers’ home opener.

“I am a giant Tigers fan and wanted it to be easy and to just do it with 10 of us who go (to Tigers baseball opening day) every year, but there were around 50 people there, so it wasn’t quick and fast,” said Lisa. “I was like, we’re just gonna come in and do it and leave, but it didn’t work out like that.”

“I thought it was fun,” said Brad. “There were more people than we planned, it was just supposed to be a few, but it was really nice. It was a cool idea, we just like the place.”

Brad is a cousin of one of Lisa’s friends, and the couple became friends about five years ago. Then, nearly a year ago, Brad asked Lisa to attend a wedding with him, and they began dating. On Nov. 17, Lisa’s birthday, Brad proposed to her at a Brighton jewelry store that had her dream ring.

The wedding was on, but didn’t require much planning. Lisa was asked prior to their wedding what her dressed looked like. Her response: “It looks like a sweatshirt.”

The couple wore matching grey bride and groom sweatshirts for the nuptials, which were performed by friend Krystal Loudan, an ordained minister. Lisa had a bouquet of flowers from Sam’s Club that were dyed in blue and orange, Detroit Tigers colors. The best man was Brad’s son, Luke, 9. At the last minute, Lisa realized she needed someone to stand in as her maid of honor, and she turned to her friends gathered for the occasion, and said, “One of you girls get up here.” Ann Daggett stepped to her side and Lisa and Brad then exchanged vows at about 9:30 a.m., with a view overlooking Bald Eagle Lake at the Boat Bar, located at 2000 S. Ortonville Road. In just 5 minutes, they were officially married.

“All I wanted to say was, ‘I do,’” said Lisa.

She did. He did.

Only one thing had been forgotten.

“There was no cake,” said Lisa. “That was the worst part of all. I said, ‘None of you people brought me a cake?’ It’s my favorite thing in the world.”

No matter. They and about 20 friends then drove down to Detroit for the game.

They didn’t have tickets to the Tigers versus the Boston Red Sox at Comerica Park, but they had a massive reception just partying with thousands of other fans in the city. When their plan to get a bar of a different sort— a bicycle bar— fell through due to the company’s lack of permits, they got a refund and went to Greektown Casino instead. While no money was won, the happy couple, who are planning to honeymoon in Jamaica, feel like they hit the jackpot with each other.

“He’s a man and he looks at me and does what he is supposed to— he takes care of me and I don’t have to ask him for stuff and do things by myself and he tells me I’m pretty,” said Lisa.

When Brad is asked what he loves about his bride, his answer is “everything.”

“Don’t get me choked up,” he says, choking up anyway. “She’s the one I’ve been after for a long time and I finally found her.”

The Detroit Tigers, for their part, put a nice finishing touch on the day— a win over the Red Sox with a final score of 6-5.


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