Ortonville shooting suspect arraigned

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
The suspect in the shooting of two people in Ortonville has been issued an eight count felony warrant against him. He was arraigned in 52-2 DistrictMichael Joseph Quigley Court before Judge Kelley Kostin on Nov. 17.
Michael Quigley was taken into custody on Nov. 15 in connection with the shooting, and he currently has an $8 million bond no 10 percent surety.
The charges include two counts of assault with intent to murder; one count of assault with a dangerous weapon; one count of first degree home invasion and four counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime.

All of those charges together could lead to multiple life sentences.
“He’s looking at anywhere from a couple life sentences to an amount of years,” said Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon Substation commander Lieutenant Greg Glover.
“He’s a guy we’ve had numerous contacts with,” he said.
The two victims, a 33-year-old woman and a man, were shot on Nov. 14 at around 8 p.m., and from there the suspect fled and was on the run until he was arrested the following night.
“This was not an active shooter,” said Glover. “This was a targeted shooting over some domestic issues and a pending divorce.”
Though the weapon was eventually found discarded, the police still had to treat it as if he was armed and dangerous said Glover, which is why they went to the extremes they did.
“The fact that a weapon was found didn’t mean he wasn’t armed,” he said.
The police presence in town is why Glover believes that the suspect did not get more than a mile from the crime scene, unable to go out without being spotted by an officer, civilian or helicopter.
Quigley was found by a homeowner who noticed that his van had fogged windows and suspected that someone may have been hiding in it. He called 911 and proceeded to confront the man with his own firearm.
“The homeowner that found him did a good job contacting 911,” said Glover. “He handled it very well and should be commended for the actions he took.”
Though the homeowner did what he thought was right, it was not an action that Glover would recommend.
“I would recommend to not approach,” he said. “You don’t know what a person is capable of, however this situation worked, but I would not recommend it.”
During the whole search, many residents were stuck in their homes and work places, and Glover recognizes them.
“I want to thank the residents for their patience while we dealt with this and their cooperation while this all played out,” he said.
The pretrial date for Quigley is set for Dec. 4.

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