Play Ball!

By David FleetIMG_2671
Carter Odinga loves baseball.
And like many mid-Michigan baseball youth, Odinga dreams of making it to the majors leagues and to the hallowed grounds of Comerica Park’s playing field, donning the Tigers’ iconic Old English “D.”
Carter was as close as any 9-year-old Oakwood Elementary third grade student and Brandon Recreation Little League player could be.
On June 3, Carter was selected to announce, “Play ball!” at the start of the Detroit Tigers—Chicago White Sox game, a winner in the Play Ball Weekend contest.
“We practiced saying ‘Play Ball!’” said Stacy Odinga, the mother of Carter who entered him in the contest. “Carter also met Tigers Pitcher Michael Fulmer.”
Along with the opportunity to be a kid announcer the Odinga family received four tickets, an autographed baseball and a parking pass near Comerica.
Carter is the son of Stacy and Nate and older brother of Avery Odinga.

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