Public Notice: Groveland Township

groveland twp. board 6-12-2017
Call To Order
Approved: Agenda
Budget Amendment, Accts Payable
Board Minutes Twp. Fire 5/8/17 & Special 5/9/17
Approved Bill Board Contract
Approved MTA Principles of Government Policy
Approved Payment of MTA Yearly Dues
Approved Mazich/Back to Attend Clerks MTA Summer Conference
Approved DePalma/Cason to attend Heritage Conference 2017
Approved Speaker for Next Public Master Plan Meeting
Approved Smart Bus Credits Split Between Brandon & Holly
Approved New Furnace & Air at Township Office
Approved Port a Jon in the Park at Township Office
Approved Groveland Oaks Fireworks
Approved Camp Tamarack Fireworks
No Board Action
Patti Back, Deputy Clerk
Recording Secretary
Publish in The Citizen 06-17-17

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