Two charged in BB gun shooting spree

By David Fleet
On Oct. 4, Brandon Township residents Brian Evans and Joel Serbinoff were arraigned in Oakland County District Court 52-2 each on four counts including, Malicious Destruction of Personal Property, a five year felony; Weapons, Felony Firearm, Pneumatic gun a two year felony and two counts of Malicious Destruction of Building each a one year felony.
According to police reports, on Oct. 2, Brandon deputies were informed that Evans and Serbinoff, both 21-years-old, were the two suspects allegedly driving around Brandon Township and Ortonville shooting cars, homes and businesses with a CO 2 BB gun.

Both suspects were picked up and then questioned at the Brandon Substation following investigations on the four reports of malicious destruction of property.
According to statements, on Sept. 26 the suspects allegedly were traveling down Church Street in the Village of Ortonville when one of the supects shot at a Halloween decoration and then shot a parked car causing $725 in damages to the vehicle. Then while on Ball Street shot two houses and a sign near the skate park causing $339 in damages. Then while on South Street shot at a house near the self car wash. Evans said then while traveling on M-15 he shot a moving truck causing $500 in damages. He also shot the front of a business on M-15 causing $480 in damages. The pair also shot many signs and guard rails in addition to a group home on South Street during the spree according to the report.
Both supectes were transported to the Oakland County Jail until their arraignment on Oct. 4. They were released on $5,000 personal bond on Wednesday.

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