17-year-old girl charged with knife assault

By Susan Bromley
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.-A bonfire conversation went awry and now a 17-year-old girl is facing a charge of felonious assault with a knife.
According to an Oakland County Sheriff’s Office report, a Brandon deputy responded at 11:28 p.m., May 27 to the Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital emergency room in Independence Township after a nurse reported a person on scene that sustained a knife wound from an assault that occurred in Brandon Township.
Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with the victim, a 17-year-old boy with a large cut on his left forearm that required nine stitches to close. The teen told the deputy that he and three friends, two males and one female, were sitting at a bonfire in the 2100 block of Kile D Drive, the home of one of his friends, and whose father was inside at the time of the incident. While they sat there talking, one of the males began arguing with the female, a Brandon High School junior, over a person she was dating, and told her the guy she dated deserved better than her. The girl then stood up and told him to say that again, and he repeated it, to which she responded by removing a black knife from her jacket and opened it, stepping toward the male. The victim then stepped between the two, grabbing the girl’s arms and telling the other male to go in the house. The victim told the deputy he attempted to push the suspect away from his friend as she tried to get to him and the girl then turned and cut his arm with the knife. She then left in her vehicle and the homeowner, father of the other male at the bonfire, drove him to the ER.
The victim told the deputy he believed the suspect intentionally cut him with the knife. The teenage boy that lives at the Kile D address confirmed the victim’s version of events and said he believes the girl intentionally stabbed his friend. The male who originally got into the argument with the suspect said he didn’t learn until after the suspect had left that his friend had been cut, but said he believed the girl was going to stab him and that his friend saved his life.
A deputy responded to the girl’s township home, where she willingly answered the door and never asked what the nature of the complaint was against her as she was arrested without incident and transported to the substation for an interview. At the substation, she told the detective she was at the bonfire party on Kile D Drive and was talking about her current relationship with the male who lives at the residence, when one of the other males walked up to her aggressively and told her to leave. She said she was confused and that male told her she keeps talking about how much she loves her boyfriend but didn’t understand that the male she had been talking to adores her and had done everything he could to win her over. He then told her the guy she was dating deserves better than her.
The suspect told the deputy that this comment from the male “filled her with more emotions than she could process at once.” She stood up and told the male to repeat himself and he again said her boyfriend deserved better. The suspect told the deputy she put her hands in her pocket, felt the knife, and pulled it out of her pocket. She informed the deputy the feel of cold steel makes her feel better. She opened the knife and the victim got between her and the other male. The victim told her to put the knife away and back away and not to do anything stupid and not to hurt anyone. She said he told her this several times and grabbed her forearms. She said she felt calmer and attempted to take a step back, but that he still had hold of her forearms. She said she pulled away and “kind of felt her knife drag across something.”
She said the male who had grabbed her and the one who lived at the residence then followed her slowly to her car and she told them goodbye and that she wouldn’t bother them again. She then drove home.
The girl told the deputy the knife was in her bedroom and he drove her to the residence, where the knife was found under an iPad lying on her bed. She was then transported to the Oakland County Jail and lodged for felony assault.