Letters to the editor June 2

(In response to Board doing their homework, a letter by Diane Salter, The Citizen, May 16, page 10).
Letter unprofessional, disrespectful
Dear Editor,
It is with concern that I read the article from Brandon Schools Board President. As an educator for 40 plus years I found the letter to be unprofessional and not fitting of a response from a board member regarding parents within the Brandon Schools. While all parties can disagree, to attack an individual parent for their concern regarding an issue is uncalled for and frankly disrespectful. As a special education/teacher consultant it has been my pleasure to interact and support parents in multiple settings and times of need. I would never consider attacking a parents opinion and would make every effort to meet their needs with dignity and respect. Your community of parents are the reason why we do what we do every day 24/7. Parents choose their their schools for particular reasons. Let us not push them away to consider other options. I request that all Brandon board members consider responses to parents to be given with respect and gratitude for the opportunity to serve and educate their children.
Deborah Hooper

(In response to “My side of the fence is fine,” a letter by Paul S. Lucas, The Citizen, May 12, page 7)
Out of your league
Dear Editor,
So Mr. Lucas searched every anatomy book he could find looking where his “foor” is. He should have looked up the word fool.
So you proof read everything you submitted and it is 100 percent what you believe. So what in hell is a road rag? (poetic justice).
A smart ass is someone who can sit on an ice cream cone and tell what flavor it is. Try it!
No sense answering my letter. I am out of your league and I am beginning to feel like a bully.
Wise old geezer,
Dale Bond
Group home issue
Dear Editor,
At 7 p.m., June 4, area residents should attend the Brandon Township Board of Trustees meeting to voice their concerns regarding zoning and lack of regulation for group homes in our township. People in our community should be aware that group homes, housing criminals can be established in residential zones without any notification to surrounding neighbors. Many residents were not able to speak at the last board meeting and their voices should be heard as this is still an ongoing issue which has not been resolved by our township.
There are a lot of questions which still need to be addressed and I urge everyone to attend.
Jake Mannino

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