Letters to the editor Oct. 6

(In response to Lunch shaming, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Sept. 29, page 6)
No child goes hungry
Dear Editor,
My name is Suzanne Evenson and I have had the honor of being part of the Brandon School District Food Services team for 28 years and it’s Director since 1999. I am so proud to be affiliated with our food services staff as we work to ensure that no student EVER goes hungry here in the Brandon School District. We go out-of-our-way to ensure that the smiling faces of Brandon’s kids stay smiling and that their bellies are full of nutritious food. We have an outstanding morning program that offers breakfast to so many students that without it, would start school hungry. Our lunch program is outstanding as well and our systems protect our students from anything that might tell others that they are receiving free lunch. There are no stamps, no taking food away, no separate lines and no separate procedures. We even have a Board Policy in place that prevents any “shaming” from happening in our district. Our register procedures are the same whether a student is receiving free lunch or purchasing lunch. This is so important to us as we never want any students to ever feel shame or, for that matter, to even know that their parents are not paying for their lunch.
This past summer, I was extremely proud that the Brandon School District was able to provide free lunch for the youth of this community even when schools were not in session. Please know how much our food services team loves the children of this community and that we will do everything in our power to ensure that no Brandon student ever goes hungry on our watch!
Suzanne Evenson
Brandon Schools Food Services
(In response to Lunch shaming, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Sept. 29, page 6)
No lunch shaming
Dear Editor,
Let’s just nip this one in the bud. There is NO “Lunch Shaming” going on in the Brandon School District.
I read you article and I found it to be somewhat misleading in so far as it suggests that that sort of thing is happening here. IT IS NOT. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
I don’t know where you’re getting your information from but if it’s out of some rag newspaper then remember these words “Fake News”??? SENSATIONALISM??? I made a phone call to our school board president and she told me directly that there have been no reported cases even remotely close to anything like this going on in the district. School board president Salter assured me that if anything like this is reported to her that it would be dealt with immediately in the proper fashion. She also praised our food service staff and it was her opinion that they are all “top shelf” professionals! Regarding your negative comments about the athletics budget.
I’m going to go out on a very short limb here and guess you never were involved in sports in school. If you had been then you would know there are greater benefits to school sports that you fail to acknowledge. Think life lessons in values, team concept, establishing life-long friendships etc. I don’t know what the percentage might be but it wouldn’t surprise me to find out somewhere around 50 percent (most likely higher)of the students participate in some type of school sport(s) in the Brandon School District. Now there’s a social program I can get behind 100 percent. Take a look at many of our leaders and you’ll find a couple of common denominators. Military service and sports! You took your cheap shot and missed again as usual……….not even a nice try.
Paul S. Lucas
Vote Prince
Dear Editor,
Marisa is the most hardworking and dedicated person I know. When she sets a goal she is 100 percent committed to attaining that goal. She is approachable and willing to discuss any issue with integrity and compassion.
Marisa is the best candidate for Brandon township and she has my vote on Nov. 6.
Lynn Leschuk

Eighth congressional district
Dear Editor,
The CIA has been known to be able to overthrow governments. Now, Nancy Peloci has hand picked a former CIA employee to topple our elected government.
Obama insider, Elissa Slotkin has attacked our congressman Mike Bishop, without revealing her agenda of returning to Obama era government socialistic controls on business, imposing higher taxes, open borders, distrust of our police, creating racial tensions, supporting Iranian financing of terrorism and supporting Irian’s nuclear ambitions.
This 8th district, congressional election, is not about Mike Bishop’s record, it’s a national, Democratic Party, effort to destroy the success of the Trump policies by taking over congress and impeaching Trump.
Walter Dilber
29th annual Septemberfest
Dear Editor,
Brandon Township Parks and Recreation has been honored to host our 29th Annual Septemberfest. By our side were our many support groups and businesses with a majority of funding coming from Presenting Sponsor, Genisys Credit Union and Meijer of Oxford. Specialty event sponsors were Randy Wise Ford, MSU Credit Union, Hamilton Feed, Consumers Energy and DTE Energy. Friends of Septemberfest sponsors who offered support by in-kind service or monetary contributions were: The Citizen Newspaper, Jason Wills Chiropractic, Bedrock LTD, Community Disposal, Vantine Farms, Ortonville Lions Club, Ortonville Rotary Club, Ortonville DDA, Wojo’s Green House, Papa Bellas Pizza, Rowe Professional Service, Mr. Thomas R. Pytel DVM and Pfeffer, Hanniford & Palka.
Family fun once again filled downtown Ortonville. With the weather being perfect, the event was well attended and enjoyed by many. Special thanks go to all mentioned above and to our Village of Ortonville Manager Bill Sprague and his DPW staff, CERT, OCSO Deputies and Brandon Fire Department.
See you next year for our 30th anniversary, September 28th (a three day event is in the works)
Fred Waybrant
Be careful what you vote for
Dear Editor,
Here we go again POTUS is ‘passing the buck.’ First he refuses to order an FBI investigation, and then he says ‘whatever they want to do.’ (His advisers). So, if things don’t go like he wants, he can say ‘It’s their fault, I didn’t do it.’ But now he is telling the FBI who and what they can investigate. He is so afraid of what will come out of it. ‘This wonderful man – you will never see the likes of again’ may be proven to not be so great. It is a shame that his family has to go through this, but who is to blame for that? And what about Prof. Ford’s family? They have suffered just as much.
Brett Kavanaugh has not been exactly truthful through all the questioning. No yes or no answers. And then he has the nerve to ask the person asking the questions if she ‘ever drank before?’ He acted like he was the ‘judge’ and she was the criminal.
Thank you to Sen. Flake for standing up in his belief that there is so much information that is being covered up.
Now it comes out that there was a 1985 bar fight in which Brett Kavanaugh as questioned by police – I guess he has a lapse of memory in that case, too.
Yes, they are going back to some more events – 30 plus years ago. Why not? They just sent Bill Cosby to prison for some 30 plus year old events. Why should this case be treated differently? He is a judge that could be the Supreme Court judge. That is exactly why this investigation should bring out all of the facts – dirty sounding and all.
Brett Kavanaugh’s demeanor is not what we need in a higher office or even in a judge. I am sure there are many other people with the good qualities needed for the job. Honesty being number one. It seems that people in the white house don’t know the meaning of the word.
Also, the president says he has received many wonderful, beautiful letters from the North Korean president. It would be interesting to see what is in those letters. What made our president ‘fall in love’ with him? It must have something to do with money or power.
The saying ‘be careful what you ask for.’ Be careful what you vote for.
P.S. This is a terrible time for our country – but it is still a great one. God Bless America!
Eileen Bradley

Elect Prince
Dear Editor,
I’m writing to express my support for Marisa Prince for a position on the Brandon Township board.
I have met Mrs. Prince and have had wonderful discussions with her regarding the goings on in our community. Marisa is a highly intelligent person, of sterling character, empathetic to the needs of the community and totally in tune to what would make the community a much more “liveable” community for the future. Mrs. Prince has a patient ear, is willing to listen to all sides of an argument, is tolerant of the opinions of others, and, best of all, is not so narrow minded that she can’t see the forest through the trees. She sees a bright future for our community; not one of isolationism and narrow minded exclusion of outsiders. I highly recommend, and request, your vote for her in November. She certainly has mine.
Roy Johnson
(In response to Lunch shaming, a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, Sept. 29, page 6)
Not necessary
Dear Editor,
Bonnie, if you would like to lead a group to work with the Brandon Schools to try to find a way to provide lunches to hungry children in the school district I would be happy to participate. Perhaps your next letter can provide the date and time that concerned and interested citizens can meet to strategize ways to feed our children. It would be great to meet with the Brandon superintendent as well.
I only ask that we please not throw the Brandon Schools athletic program under the bus. It isn’t necessary.
Brandon parents and members of the community volunteer their time to support and also contribute financially to an athletic program that encourages our children to be physically fit. My children attended Brandon schools and we had to pay to play. Our athletic program isn’t flush with the cash perhaps some people might think it is. The fact is that our kids need good nutrition and exercise to become successful in academics and life. Studies show that grades improve when children are well fed and have access to exercise. It isn’t necessary to be critical of a successful program in order to call attention to an important need. Let’s feed our kids. I can’t wait to hear from you.
JE Galer
Elect Prince
Dear Editor
As a Brandon resident and voter I am casting my vote this November for Marisa Prince for Brandon Township Trustee. I have met with and conversed with Marisa on many occasions, and on many topics, and I believe she is the right candidate at the right time for our community. I have found her to be open to differing opinions and has been proficient using social media to gather input from residents in real time.
Marisa is an educated professional that will certainly add value to our township as we transition into a digital age. She is part of a growing group of community activists that really care for this township and all that we have to offer. I hope you join me in my vote for Marisa and welcome the enthusiasm she will bring. You can check out her web page at
www.princeforbrandontrustee.com, sign up for updates and contact her directly with your thoughts. See you at the polls.
Andrew Shahin

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