Letters to the editor August 24

Good Times in Goodrich
This year, we had an outstanding turn out from the community supporting over 70 Vendors, 251 Registered Classic Cars & Trucks, Kid’s Zone and Our Back to the 80’s party.
The Goodrich Festival and Events Committee would like to thank our sponsors, volunteers and supporters: ELGA Credit Union, Randy Wise, C&L Ward, Jay Clothier, Ken’s Redi-Mix, Ross Mortgage, Browns Do it Center, Valley Tent Rental, Poly Flex, ALTA Rental, Epoxy Guy, John’s Steak House, Sis Bro Salon, Coca-Cola, Lions Club, Cranberries Cafe, Emterra, Goodrich Landscaping, Marvin Foster Electric, Maple Press, Fabiano Brothers, St Marks Youth Group, Deacon Ron Kenny, Atlas Twp. Firefighters, Atlas Real Estate, Brandon Dental, 2 Mike’s Plumbing, Dort Federal, Judge Jennifer Manley, Hamilton Propane, Frosty Boy of Brandon, Beacon & Bridge, Sierra Electric, Italia Gardens, Fine Point Design, Goodrich Football, Goodrich Area Schools, Goodrich Bus Garage, Goodrich DPW, Goodrich School Board, Village of Goodrich, Steve Hudak, Mark & Lisa Simmons, Casi Hudak, Steve Lawrence, Rick & Ali Reickel, Craig Hart, Tina Miller, Bob Francis, Sherry Spencer, Richard Reickel, Tucker Reickel, Stephanie Bonomo, Jim Alexander, Michael Manarino, Ali Sinclair, Amy Hammermeister, Brock Sommers, Mitch Young, Dylan Elizondo, Ben Stodola, JR Green, Ally McKenzie, Kristen Gallagher, Kyle and Fallyn Armstrong, Bailey Foster, Kim & Randy Eaton, Becky Moe, Kati Lawrence, Ashley Lawrence, Christy Powell, Lisa Manarino, Susie Moultrup Al-Shimary.
Our Festival is growing, and you’re reading many names above, but we need more help. We are looking for more voices, fresh ideas and of course, more people power. Can you spare 1-2 hours a month to help plan and coordinate events throughout the year? We meet once a month, second Tuesday, from 7-8 p.m. Contact us at gtigfestival@gmail.com
Once again Thank you for your support!
Jenny McKenzie

No Plan – Just a Money Grab
I just received my latest Village of Goodrich Tax Bill (Payable on September 30).
A line item on the bill is for road repair reflecting the millage increase of 1.59390 voted on by the Village council for the repair of Village roads. I am certain that on all tax bills, received by Village residents, that line item appears. So, what is the plan to fix the roads in the Village with the added tax revenue?
I have been advised that to date there is no plan available that addresses the overall cost or cost per subdivision for road repairs. No plan is available ranking what roads would be repaired first and what roads would be repaired last. No plan as to when the first road repairs would start. So the Village will be receiving tax payers funds without a plan on how a program of this magnitude will instituted. It would certainly be a poor business decision if I borrowed money to remodel my kitchen without knowledge of what the cost would be.
We were told at the last council meeting that a special meeting, dealing with village roads, would be scheduled. No information available on when or if a meeting will be scheduled. Lastly, several weeks ago the village was advised that they may be in volition of the Headlee Amendment. The council has also been advised. Again, no information forthcoming on this issue. No plans, no investigation, just send the village the money.
If you in the Village and are truly concerned as to how tax money is being spent then call the Village office (810 636 2570) and voice your displeasure on how this matter is being conducted.
Richard Saroli

Steps and Stories
Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the Brooksie Way Committee for their generous mini Grant for my Steps and Stories: Healthier Mind and Body Program at Sashabaw Meadows. Thank you to Brandon Groveland Youth Assistance for submitting it and for all of your support!
Thank you to the Usborne Books and More’s Matching Grant Program – Literacy For a Lifetime.
Thank you to the sweet, generous Seymour Lake United Methodist Women’s Group for providing the 10 weeks worth of snacks and water and helping out! Thank you to the outstanding Brandon High School National Honor Society Students for all of your hard work!
Thank you to Dr. Regiani for donating toothbrushes and Dental Hygiene Coloring and Activity Books. Thank you to the amazing drumFIT Girls, Nan Holbolth, Jan Pasteiner, Shannon Slater and Shawn Farmer. Thank you Brandon Fire Department Captain Dan Flood for teaching a First Aid Class! Thank you to Eileen McClennen and Jesse Kay McClennen for teaching some outdoor games! Thank you to Kim Kay owner of YOGA4U! Thank you to Amy Skopek, Lori Marino for sharing your time. Thank you to Taryn Marino, Elizabeth Manion and Allie LaRose for teaching some Irish Dance Steps!
Thank you to Matt Jenkins and the Ortonville DDA for the $5 gift certificates for 28 of the students. Thank you to Papa Bella’s for 10 Pizza coupons! And a big thank you to the Ortonville Eastern Stars for donating $500 for 12 lucky student to buy a new pair of shoes for school!
The 40 students have been working hard logging 30 minutes of reading and walking daily for 10 weeks!
From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone for their generosity!
Fran Hotchkiss

Thank you
Dear Editor
Thank you to everyone that sent prayers, cards an well wishes during the past seven months while Rob was dealing with cancer. We can never repay all your thoughts and prayers throughout this journey but will continue to pray for everyone else going through this trial. God Bless Everyone!
Ron and Candee Allen and Family