By Don Rush

You know there comes a time in every man’s life when he decides to chuck it all in, hang up his spurs, cash in his chips or simply to walk into the sunset and disappear. It’s not that time for me, I just wanted to share that thought with you before I let you in on what some of you readers think of yours truly.
In last week’s gem of a Don’t Rush Me column I “apologized” for nearly all ills of mankind and cancel culture. Was it written sardonically? Maybe. Sarcastically? Come on, what do you think — of course! Regardless, here’s some of the responses.
* * *
What the heck is happening in this column? I will admit that I haven’t read much of what Don has written because this is the first column I have seen by him, or by the Lake Orion Review in general. I see that he is the assistant publisher, which is simply terrifying. I am glad that I don’t live in Lake Orion and I was only on the site to check out possibly moving to Lake Orion and taking a job I was offered. Clearly, this isn’t the place for me or anyone I care about.
If I were the Editor & Actual Publisher of this paper, I would HIGHLY suggest taking this idiotic column off of the front page of your website and consider not letting this bozo publish in your paper anymore. He sounds like a misogynistic, problematic, chauvinistic a-(BLEEP) that shouldn’t be writing for any public newspaper, let alone possess the title of “Assistant Publisher.” Maybe a private blog would be a good enough place to let out his “micro” aggressions.
This column was meant to be an “apology” and I don’t even want to know exactly for what. I’m sure it’s a long list of disgusting things this “man” has said and done in the past. In this “apology” he listed off every single way he could possibly be problematic in 2021, and by the end of it, he sarcastically asked for an apology, but anyone with a brain can tell that he is just covering his ‘you know what’ because he messed up, and he clearly doesn’t understand what he ever did wrong in the first place.
By the way, it’s perfectly acceptable to compliment people in the right setting, at the right time, and not in a creepy middle-aged man fashion. If you don’t know how to do that, then just don’t say anything at all, it’s really not that hard to not be creepy. Also, holding doors open is a common courtesy and no one (of sound mind) would ever be upset with that.
I truly hope that Don can reconcile the clear mistakes he has made in the past. This column was not the way to do that. I feel sorry for the Lake Orion Review because I am very sure when this column is read across town (if anyone even reads his columns anymore) you’re going to receive a whole slew of emails regarding this despicable “apology.” Hopefully, Don has to take care of the responses by himself and no one else has to read through all of the “liberal” responses I am sure he’s going to receive. Maybe then he might actually understand what he has done wrong and take real responsibility for whatever he did to feel the need to write this idiotic column. Trish H.
* * *
I just read your apology in the 2.20.21 edition of The Citizen. Why did you even bother? You obviously don’t give a (BLEEP) about what you have and will say in your sad attempt at journalism. Nancy W., Groveland Twp.
* * *
Dear Don, If only you were sincere and yes, if only you were a little more self aware. You don’t see how your so-called apology comes across as a big joke (or maybe you do). Using dog whistle terms like ‘snowflake’ and ‘cancel culture’ will endear you to no one but I’m pretty sure you know that. I don’t know what is truly bothering you but I miss the columns where you write about your sons, Sean and Seamus. You sound more like a decent human being in them. Here is hoping that you can get back to those inspirations. Sincerely, Cathy B.
* * *
Might be one of your “best of the best” columns. If you ever get canceled, please add me to your paid subscription weekly newsletter. Steve D., Oxford.
* * *
Hi Don, I’m surprised at your idea of what being a “Liberal” means. Certainly not my conception at all. Rather like the confusion in the difference between Communism vs Socialism. Social programs abound, for instance the roads upon which we drive, fire departments, schools to which we send our children and Social Security; all “Socialism,” at its finest. What we NOW have is Socialism for Banks, Corporations and the top 2%! Tain’t fair, anyway you cut it! Proud Boys, self declared Nazis, KKK and Whitesupremicy advocates are anathema to me! Does that make me a Liberal? Ohhhh, yeah, I occasionally say ‘sweetheart’ and open doors for women. Does that classify me as leaning to the “right” or being anything other than an old fart? Sincerely, Haley H.
* * *
Spot on Don. Keep writing what you’re writing. Political correctness is not a way of life. Clark B., Lake Orion.
* * *
Dear Don – I loved your column on the 17th about “Apologizing for Everything.” What a hoot! Hope you don’t have to apologize next week for writing this apology! 🙂
On a bit more serious note, we all have said, done, or written something at one time or another for which we might express regret today. After all, don’t we grow wiser as we grow older? With time and knowledge, we make better or more informed choices in life. Perhaps given that information earlier we might not have said or done that act today in hindsight. People and attitudes can change.
My point is it makes no sense to go into someone’s past to look for things that might be viewed in a different light today. Who among us has carried the same views on everything for their entire lives? For example, should Thomas Jefferson be judged for having owned slaves in the 1700s, or for his later role in working to unsuccessfully get England to outlaw slavery in the Colonies? It makes no sense to pick apart the past to find one “outrage” on which to “cancel” someone.
So there you have it. I won’t dig in your dirt if you don’t turn over mine. God bless you. You are a talented writer! Jay T., Brandon Township.
Thanks for readin’ and writing, folks! As always, we do not have to agree with each other, while still being friends. Send your comments to

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