Area students tops at Snowfest High School Snow Sculpting event

By David FleetEditor
On Jan. 23-24 two area high school teams earned top spots in the Frankenmuth Snowfest High School Snow Sculpting competition.

Hometeam II—a Goodrich area homeschool group sent two teams of four students to the annual cold weather event in Frankenmth to challenge 20 teams statewide
The high school competition is one of Snowfest 2020 events that took place Jan. 22-27.
According to event planners the first day of the festival drew a small crowd due to weather, but about 100,000 visitors viewed teams working on 10-foot by 10-foot frozen blocks of snow, forming some rather unique sculptures.

Coached by Angie Luke—Hometeam II Team A, with students Joel Luke, Gillian Szatkowski, Kira Spencer, and Gabriel Husted, carved “Turtles,” which landed them a first place. Hometeam II Team B, with Jessica Gibson, Ben Flint, Carson Kirby, and Marie Harmon, carved “Lighthouse,” earning a second place finish.
Donna Kirby, spokesperson for the teams said students first created a small clay scale model of the art. Using a variety of tool such as drywall saws, horse combs and a chain, the students hand smooth the icy snow into the winning art.
“There were no powers tools used,” said Kirby. “The teams worked through a cold rain on Saturday—but stayed together like a team and finished on top.”

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