It’s all Captain Bob-Lo’s fault!

By writing — by sharing this maybe, just maybe, I can help others who had this terrible experience come to grips and move on with their lives? * * * Part of growing up as a person, maturing if you will, is understanding your past as it relates to your present, and therefore future (what […]

Ya gotta? hand it to the man . . .

Let me preface this bit of columnistic excellence with: I get lots of e-mail. I like it. E-mail is fun, it is convenient and it helps my fast-becoming-smooth bit of gray matter come up with ideas to flesh out. I get jokes. I get lists. I get greetings and salutations from family and friends near […]

Wild Night brings out the best in them

While they weren’t exactly howling at the full moon, they did have a wild night. Members and friends of the North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy gathered at Indian Springs Metropark’s Discovery Center last Friday for the 5th Annual Wild Night Out Benefit Auction. ‘We had over 130 guests,? NOHLC executive director Katie Anderson said. ‘Proceeds […]

Historic Fort Wayne’s losing battle

This past weekend we packed up a backpack with turkey sandwiches and oatmeal cream snacks, loaded up the lads Shamus and Sean and took a trip to Detroit. Our destination: right where Livernois Avenue almost dumps into the Detroit River — as the crow flies, about a mile from the sunny shores of Canada. It’s […]

‘Let my son come home?

(Part of a Series) By Don Rush Assistant Publisher It may sound strange, but for one man the trip to Lake Orion, Michigan, from Lake Orion, has been a long one. The road Larry K Drum has taken has been hard, winding and uphill. Drum, an Eagle Scout, graduate of Lake Orion High School, member […]

A lot of nothing going on . . .

I guess you can imagine how warm and fuzzy I felt after reading this headline: FBI admits to wiretapping wrong numbers Patriot Act critics irked by mistakes made during terrorism investigations Yep, I felt confident that something is not as it should be. Them thar heart cockles were sure heated up after I read that […]

Peanut butter and hot sauce

Now, as we have turned the page from a hot, dry summer to a soggy and cool fall, fathers across the area are finding time to be with their sons. These bonding experiences, though varied, are annual rites of passage and usually take place in the great out-of-doors. I, red-blooded American dad, am no different […]

America owes no apology II

Last week’s rant about Americans owing no apologies for their response to Hurricane Katrina by yours truly brought in lots of responses. Most of them were of the following: * * * ‘Don, just wanted to tell you that was an excellent column you wrote about the apology we don’t owe the folks down south. […]

America owes no apology

I know this may come as a shock to some of you out there, but as hard as it may seem, I am pretty Caucasian. If I weren’t so old, I’d call myself ‘lily white.? Let me put it to you another way: Me, paleface. Now that my little secret is out in the open […]

Giving the tongue to Oxford?

First, get your minds out of the gutter . . . Oxford homeboy (now Lake Orion resident) Dave Hicks (or as he likes to go by Hixx) is on a mission. He wants to do something groovy. He wants to do something nice. He wants to do something, in his own words, ‘cool.? What does […]

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