Marriage worth celebrating

It’s been fun talking to editor Kyle about his upcoming wedding. He has regaled us with some good stories concerning their preparations (including a unique item for which he has registered at Target), and we wish him and his bride well. (I offered him a word of advice received about 19 years ago: ‘Just keep […]

Former school chief likes retirement

Milford Mason retired from his post as Clarkston’s superintendent of schools in 1988. He hasn’t slowed down, however, even at age 73. ‘I don’t know what I do, but I sure keep busy,? he quipped. With his wife, Joan, he still lives in the Clarkston area ? about half the year. The other half is […]

Charity faces layoffs

Depending largely on volunteer help, the Independence office of Lighthouse Emergency Services has only five employees. It appears they will have to learn how to maintain services with only three. Word from the Pontiac headquarters is that no firm decision has been made, but Katie Stewart, manager of what is popularly known as ‘Lighthouse North,? […]

Springfield finalizes West Nile campaign

Springfield Township officials have agreed to work with their counterparts in Rose, Groveland and Brandon Townships on an educational campaign to help fight mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus. Springfield will contribute $7,000 of an expected $9,200 Oakland County grant toward common brochures, press releases and a video production to be shared among the […]

Officials go to school on elections

Don’t call the township clerk for an absentee voter ballot for the June 9 school election. In a switch from recent tradition, Clarkston Community Schools have elected to administer the election rather than contract with the Independence Township Clerk’s office. Deputy Superintendent David Reschke and his secretary, Becky Kelly, have tackled the responsibility of publishing […]

Resident claims he is target of new ordinance

GROVELAND TOWNSHIP – Some would call it another attempt to keep peace among neighbors. Ernie Combs calls it an attack on his freedom. “You’ve heard of Megan’s Law? This is Ernie’s Law.” Combs referred to a proposed off-street parking ordinance that is the subject of a public hearing at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 28. Combs […]

Brandon tables cell-tower proposal

BRANDON TOWNSHIP – Citizens last week cited concerns about noise, wetlands and just plain appearance of a proposed new cell tower. Planning commissioners agreed to wait at least 90 days before ruling on the request from Sprint Spectrum PCS for a 190-foot monopole between Allen Road and Weideman Drive. Although proposed for a 40-acre site […]

Editor At Large

Random, arbitrary and otherwise miscellaneous ramblings from your friendly, neighborhood editor. . . As we get back to so-called “normal” here in the new year, a lot of folks have asked, “How were your holidays?” Ever mindful of the biblical and moral mandate to be truthful, the answer from here has been, “I was sick.” […]

Editor at Large

Copyright laws being what they are, it would be difficult to prove this, but I believe I was the first to coin the term “NIMBY.” You know, the acronym for “Not In My Back Yard?” I was working for a newspaper chain in the Chicago suburbs in the late 1980s, covering public protests against new […]

Parking proposal parked

GROVELAND TOWNSHIP – It was difficult to find a place to park at a public hearing designed to discuss off-street parking. A standing-room-only crowd lodged protests Tuesday, Jan. 28, and the planning commission agreed to table a proposed ordinance that would impose restrictions on “parking” and “storage” of vehicles on residential property. The discussion will […]

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