Slanted newscasts

Having been associated with newspapering for over 50 years I perhaps am more drawn to news reports, spoken and written, than many others. I’ve neither read nor listened with interest in anything but what I see and hear. No searching for flaws or innuendos. No thoughts of partisan reporting of political, environmental, religious or whatever […]

‘Tis the season to hunt a few winks

Deer hunting hasn’t changed since I wrote this Nov. 16, 1988. Ah, it’s time for the annual sleep in the woods. Yes, plural, a.m. and p.m. for two days. It’s the culmination of 363 days of longing for two days of deer hunting. Planning gets started about Labor Day. It begins with, ‘Are you going […]

Just jotting

Here’s the philosophy of the Michigan Lottery boosters: Make a bet every day, otherwise you might walk around lucky and never know it. Bet high, it’s for your kids education ya? know! – – – 0 – – – My friend John Patrell is a self-made man, which shows what can happen if you don’t […]

Unproven or even tried diet suggestions

But first – Do you realize that in about 40 years we’ll have thousands of old ladies running around with tattoos? And – If you let a smile be your umbrella most likely you’ll get your butt soaking wet. And – This tip from Home & Garden Television via The Detroit News Homestyle section is […]

Properly trained grandkids love bacon

This has become a week to remember. Maybe not foriyou, but for me it’s been supreme. Thursday I again received my Bacon of the Month gift. Longtime Jottings readers will remember our daughter Susan gave me a membership in the Bacon of the Month Club last Christmas. The GratefuliPalate, Oxnard, CA is the pusher. In […]

Tom Sawyer’s con job still alive

Con jobs had to have been practiced before Mark Twain wrote his book about Tom Sawyer getting his friends to do his painting. Else, how would the writer have come up with the idea. We can assume such conning is being practiced in nearly every home, by him, her or their children. Recently I was […]

Bob: Hear that buzzing?

Bob: Hear that buzzing? Me: There is no buzzing! The Sunday before Labor Day I played in an all day golf. Knowing this, daughter Luan and her husband Bob Offer decided to use my home as a campground, picnic area and all-around place to raise cain (leaving their own home tidy and clean). They used […]

Of woolly bears, property, wood and clothes

With the temperatures dropping and the snow birds flying south, I thought I’d review Mother Nature’s prognosticators . . . the woolly bear caterpillar, the beaver, the goose and the muskrat. Don’t scoff! The people on the tube, airways and print can’t be totally trusted either. Maybe you should just read on and make notes. […]

Pie a la asphalt; Help for plumber’s crevasse

It was a nice, foggy morning. Time to take Shayna for a drive. She loves to ride in our van. Now, for those few who have told me ‘No more stories about your dog,? this is not about a dog, unless it’s me. Ah, there’s Achatz, makers of pies and soups. Soups don’t have much […]

Twins turn 5, she unties gifts, he’s a tearer

Haley and Trevor, along with their parents, Susan and Tim Speed and sister Savannah, live within a mile of me, and whereas I see the twins quite often, the three of us don’t spend a lot of time together. As an adult, as their grandfather, it is my fault. I feel very inadequate talking to […]