Life is glorious! No complaints this week

But, first, some advice for my college-going grandson and anyone else who wants it: Few things are more satisfying than setting a goal and achieving it. – – – 0 – – – Last week I closed by promising to convince myself I’m on the right side of the sod. Last week I complained of […]

We speak/write ‘facts? that may not be truths

We all have days when the fact we’re on the right side of the sod escapes our minds. I just wrote one of the things that bothers me. I can’t prove we all have down days, and I can’t prove it is best to be on this side of the sod. All inclusive statements presumed […]

Hazel’s apron prompts recall of mother’s

A chickadee passed along an item about aprons that brought back memories of Mom on the Farm. You know, the good ol? days when mothers did everything that didn’t require a team, tractor or doodlebug. Moms did fetchin?, hoein?, milkin?, cookin?, pumpin?, laundry, etc. And they did it all in aprons. During our married life […]

What’s Shayna thinking? Maybe this . . .

What’s Shayna thinking? Maybe this . . . My boss (joke) didn’t get his morning paper on Friday the 13th. He blamed me and told me so. There’s something wrong with that study in England that said I can remember 200 words. I distinctly remember a dog trainer telling my feeder I have a 15 […]

Some can’t take a rib, others take whole slab

Some can’t take a rib, others take whole slab This headline of August 8 captured my mind: ‘Event features high-flying swine,? with the even more capturing subhead: ‘Pig Gig in Bay City offers diving, racing, even barbecued pork.? Anything doing with pigs brings backs remembrances of youth and our father’s fascination with hogs, particularly extra […]

Random thoughts from a wandering mind

Primary elections put a lot of money into circulation, such as in newspaper ads, but they sure mess up the landscape. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but never have I seen so many ‘elect? and ‘re-elect? signs on lawns, dead-end roads and intersections as this year. My occasional friend John Patrell asked Bill Patterson, […]

Of grandson and dog; Trevor, Shayna, etc.

The Jottings that brings the most comments have to do with grandchildren and ma’dog. This week I hope to please both groups. I broke into a full-blown laugh when daughter Susan called to relate a Trevor ‘story.? She said, holding back a broad smile, ‘Trevor got kicked out of Bible School!? There was almost pride […]

Just Jotting

Under my government advertisements that promote ‘absorbency? would not be allowed to be aired. – – – 0 – – – It amazes me and disgusts me how often commercials are being played at the same time on all tv channels as I try to avoid them by switching from sports to drama to specials […]

Graham Bodwell: Adventurer, risk-taker, gentleman

I’m in a situation of wanting to write a story, yet not wanting to. I’m told there will be no obituary for Graham Bodwell, probably because of his wishes. That in and of itself tells you a lot about this man. Graham owned the Minneapolis-Moline farm machinery dealership at 21 S. Washington Street in Oxford […]

There are some joys that are indescribable

For over two weeks I’ve purposely been restricting my emotions as I fought for calm and searched for words to describe my complete delight at the gift that the UPS man hid under our patio chairs. Perhaps Shayna (my now-in-training dog) could have matched my joy except for the UPS man’s forethought. What brought this […]