Teri’s Turn

Recently, during a three-hour wait on a Florida tarmac, we passengers braced ourselves for what promised to be an ugly travel set back. The nose-cone landing gear was damaged and the captain grounded the Airbus for extensive maintenance repairs. A situation which could have been both nerve-wracking and temper-tempting, but instead turned out to be […]

Leaving with a smile

ORTONVILLE – Anyone who has been in the village offices or attended village events has had the pleasure of being met by a warm smile from Cindy VanMegroet. Serving as village clerk/treasurer for 12 years, she is quick to offer that her secret to job longevity is liking where she worked and the residents she […]

Donation keeps kids looking up

BRANDON SCHOOLS – There are still galaxies in this universe waiting to be discovered, and there are still young minds eager to pioneer the discoveries. “Even though we’ve had this tragedy with the Space Shuttle Columbia, the students say it is important to continue to search for knowledge,” said high school science teacher Jamie Martin. […]

Tan owner looks at sunny side of life

BRANDON TOWNSHIP – The snow is blowing and a wisp of cabin fever is knocking at the door. Wow Tan owner Tim McIlrath has the prescription to combat the winter blues. He suggests painting Caribbean gold over the winter blahs. “Indoor tanning lifts your spirits,” said McIlrath. “Laying in a warm tanning booth makes people […]

Edith Wright’s local volunteer efforts will be missed

BRANDON TOWNSHIP – Edith Wright was raised in an era when volunteers sustained the life of our nation, an epoch when community commitment and involvement was expected, but not taken for granted. On Wednesday, Feb. 5, she died at age 78, and Brandon Township lost a prominent cornerstone. Mrs. Wright was a local historian for […]

Ballot tampering charge reinstated against Gilpin

BRANDON TOWNSHIP – John Gilpin will have another day in court next month on a felony charge of tampering with an absentee ballot. This time, March 21, it will be a preliminary exam before 52-2 District Judge Dana Fortinberry, who succeeded now-retired judge Gerald McNally. It was McNally who reduced the charge to disorderly conduct […]

Retiring the smile

BRANDON SCHOOLS -To her coworkers/friends, Judy Learst is described as a gem. To the business of education she is an institution. In June, Judy Learst will retire from her 27-year position of Executive Secretary to the Superintendent. “She is a jewel that will be missed by all of us,” said Harvey Swanson Principal Helen Clemetsen. […]

MDOT OKs funds for South Street bridge

ORTONVILLE – Although State Rep. Ruth Johnson cautions that it’s not a done deal, the Michigan Department of Transportation has approved funding in the amount of $500,000 for repair of the South Street Bridge. The funds are from the Federal Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program and the Michigan Critical Bridge Program. “If state cutbacks […]

Citizens learn of stolen tax payment checks

BRANDON TOWNSHIP – A few residents were left wondering where the money went when they received a property tax reminder in their mail in the last couple weeks. Apparently, some of the money ended up in Hawaii and North Carolina. According to Brandon Township Treasurer Linda Owen, one week before the Feb. 14 winter property […]

Notes from Ortonville’s Feb. 24 meeting

At the Monday, Feb. 24 Ortonville Village Council meeting: w The council was informed that Brandon Township will receive sealed bids for Old Mill repairs. The work to be done will be overseen by Donnellon Swarthout Associates, Inc, Village Manager Paul Zelenak, and Historical Society President Tom Stowell, but funding will come from some of […]