Back appointed township clerk

By David Fleet
Groveland Twp.-Last month Patti Back was appointed by the township board of trustees clerk following the retirement of long time clerk Pam Mazich.IMG_2398
Back, a Clawson native and 1977 graduate of Clawson High School moved to the township in 1989. Patti and husband Greg, have four children: Joshua, Jodie, Jacqueline and Jolene, all Brandon High School graduates.
In the spring of 1997, Back first worked for the township fire department with then fire chief Marilyn McGee.
“I was Marilyn’s fire administrator,” said Back. “I did a variety of tasks for the fire department from including sending bills out when they started cost recovery.

“At that time we billed out of the office.”
In 2007 when Steve McGee took over the fire department as chief, Back moved to the township office as a full time building administrator along with working with elections.
When Carol Clark retired as township deputy clerk in 2009, Patti move into her position and served with Clerk Mazich until her retirement.
“Pam is a tough act to follow,” she said. “Pam is a very, very good clerk. I have been blessed to work with her. She was a great mentor.”
Back will serve as township clerk until November 2020 and have the option of running for the office.
Back earned the Michigan Township Association Governance certification (2015), Certificated Michigan Municipal Clerk (2017) and Michigan Election Officials Accreditation (2012), Clerking 101 currently enrolled in Michigan Master Municipal Clerks.