Bid awarded to upgrade school waste water treatment plant

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
On Monday the Brandon Schools Board of Education voted 7-0 to approve a proposal to use $265,000 to improve the waste water treatment plant.
The bid was awarded to Warren-based Brencal Contractors, who were the low bidders.
“The stuff that’s there right now, it’s temporary,” said District Superintendent Dr. Matt Outlaw. “It’s going to become permanent.”
The temporary items include the structure around the plant to warm it in the summer months as well as piping to reroute the water to another treatment tank.
The waste water treatment plant has been a topic of discussion for years since the water was not meeting the Department of Environmental Quality standards. The district was given a deadline of November 2019 to replace the plant, which would have cost about $1.5 million, however, through maintenance, the district was able to keep the old system and save over $1 million.
The new system for controlling the bacteria in the water was approved last year. The influent was redirected back into the sludge tank and dispersed the waste back into the water treatment plant. By using air diffusers on the influent, the bacterium that breaks down waste now works more effectively. This reduced the total inorganic nitrate levels.
They will be covering the waste water treatment plant with an insulated metal pole barn type structure with a translucent roof. The roof would work like a greenhouse to keep the room warm when it is cold outside.
In times when the school is vacant, dog food is added to the water as well to feed the bacteria in the water.

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