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By Don Rush

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2020-1102:
There. Is. Only one. Day left. The question we have asked ourselves is, “Can we survive Election 2020?”
* * *
I send this exciting chapter of Don’t Rush Me into the hallowed halls of Don’t Rushmedon on Monday, November 2. Mothership Earth is still spinning in the cosmos. Asteroids are still shoosting about our planet, will we survive one more day of relentless political marketing, partisan mud slinging and the yapperings crazy activists?
Will my head explode if, at the end of vote counting sometime over the next few weeks, the president wins re-election, the loony left-wing radicals continue another four-year long whine?
Will my heart be saddened if, at the end of the ballot counting, the former vice president wins election, the uber right-wing radicals act out and cry like their counterparts on the left?
I think the answer to both questions is probably, “yes.” (But, I hold the right to change my mind.)
* * *
So, about an hour before kickoff of the Detroit Lions-Indianapolis Colt National Football League this past weekend, did anyone catch the president dancing in Washington Township, Michigan? If not, I am sorry you missed it. The little pumping arms, left and right, and gloved, fisted hands was good for some giggles on an otherwise disappointing weekend of football.
Hey, I admit it — I smiled and I laughed. Who doesn’t need some levity these days?
* * *
Speaking of football . . . well, lets not go there except to say, “Congratulations to the high school football teams moving on in the high school playoffs.”
Well . .. nuts. I can’t help myself. “The Lions suck.”
(And, while I tried and failed to be positive, it did feel good to get that out, and off my chest. Thank you.)
* * *
I wonder how long it will take after the election for the State of Michigan to be locked-down by the governor. One week? Two?
I wonder how long restaurants can survive, now, starting this week the state mandates they need to keep track of all patrons’ personal info and reduce the number of patrons to only 50.
How many of you are going to stop going to restaurants because you do not want to be contact-traced?
Can ma and pa shops survive another shut down? Any ideas out there from the peanut gallery how we can keep are local small businesses afloat? Please send them to me.
* * *
I think I just read Michigan is now testing folks at a nice clip — over 40,000 tests a day! I think that’s a good rate. That 40,000-plus tests a day looks to have produced about 4,000 new positive tests day.
As of this weekend, the state has 174,388 cases and 7,309 deaths. On Saturday the state reported a total of 121,093 recoveries.”
With the numbers from above, I think I have some salient questions, and if anyone has the answers, please send them in.
1. Once a person has tested positive does that person represent one case forever, or if that person is tested again, positive, does that one person now equal two cases?
2. So, we have a bit over 120,000 recoveries. Are these recoveries a part of the 174,000 cases, or should the recoveries be subtracted from the cases?
3. Hmm? What happened to the rest? The numbers don’t seem to add up. If there have been a total number of cases equalling, 174,388. If we subtract the recoveries and the deaths (128,402), I come up with we have misplaced 45,986 people.
Or, as I surmised, people-to-cases isn’t a one-to-one proposition.
Someone please enlighten me. I hate having questions bouncing around in my brain left unanswered. (Be gentle, please.)
* * *
Why is the governor not lecturing college kids getting together “unsafely” like she does supporters of the president getting together? Anyone got an answer on that one?
* * *
A John D., from Goodrich sent me a link, which took me to a story, which after reading leads me to the conclusion that saying referring to the governor as Big Gretch is a term some of her supporters use.
There you go. That’s all I got.
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