Blue Christmas? You’re not alone

By David Fleet
It’s often portrayed as a happy time a year.
Family, gifts and a host of gatherings—followed by holiday music that begins in early November.
But for some the holiday’s can be sad— downright blue.
At 7 p.m., Dec. 9, the Goodrich United Methodist Church, 8071 S. State Road will host a Blue Christmas service.
Pastor Joel Walther will lead a worship service for those experiencing grief, hardship, struggle or pain during the Christmas season.
“While all around we will see calls for “Joy,” this worship service is for those that may be feeling blue or down this time of year,” said Walther. “It might be because it is the first holiday without a loved one, or they suffer from seasonal issues due to the lack of sunlight, or they simply don’t feel ready for a joyous holiday just yet.”
While not frequently acknowledged, scripture is full of testimony to faith in the midst of struggle, added Walther.
“In fact, Jesus quotes from one of the lament, an expression of grief or sorrow in Psalms, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’” he said.
“We have the Blue Christmas service because God knows our pain, is with us in our pain and wants to see our pain transformed. This service will meet you where you are and share a bit of hope as you journey through this season.”
All are welcome, you do not need to be a part of the Goodrich United Methodist Church.

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