Board eyes septic work for Harvey Swanson

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
During the regular meeting Monday night, the Brandon Board of Education voted unanimously to put out a request for proposal for a new septic field to replace a current septic field that has failed at Harvey Swanson. There are three septic fields for the building.
“The oldest one is in good condition and working order,” said Jan Meek, Brandon executive director of business services. “We would like to bring a contract back at the March 15 meeting.”
The work is anticipated to take place over the summer, but Meek said that they wanted to get bids early enough to be able to get the work done before the next school year.
“One has been fixed, one of them, the oldest one, is in good condition working order,” said Superintendent Dr. Karl Heidrich. “So this is number three.”
It is possible that the oldest one will need to be replaced in a few years, though it has not yet failed.
“It’s the nature of our area for sure,” said Lisa Kavalhuna board president .

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