Board inks contract extension with Aqua Club

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
By a 7-0 vote on Monday night, the Brandon Board of Education approved their contract extension and amendment with Aqua Club.
“We had our agreement that was signed in May of 2017, it expires June 30 of this year,” said Dr. Matt Outlaw, district superintendent. “As we know, we’ve been taking about extending that with some amendments.”
According to the amendment, Aqua Club will not be paid a management fee. It also guarantees 18 hours of open swim in the mornings Monday-Saturday and four hours in the evening during programs as it currently is. Morning open swim will go down to three hours instead of three and a half hours, making the times 7-10 a.m.
“The last piece of it is the amendment to it, these are the things that have been changed,” said Outlaw. “The parts that have been changed, as we’ve talked about before, have to do with financial aspects of it, regarding pool management, and then the thing that we’ve been working on the most has been open swim. We’ve been working really hard to try and reserve as close to what we have currently with our open swim.”
The contract amendments will save around $100,000 for the district over the next two years, as they will not be paying a management fee.

“So for the reduction, we were able to take the contract, which is currently $64,000 a year, to $54,400 [savings],” said Jan Meek, executive director of business services for Brandon. “So basically they’re paying us $1,200 a month, we’re paying them $2,000 a month for the life guard, so it’s $800 a month, that’s it, we’re not paying any management fee. And then the second year, we’ll save $58,000 because their fee goes up, they pay us $1,500 instead of $1,200, but we still pay them $2,000 a month.”
The contract extension and amendment are valid for another two years. For more information on open swim and Aqua Club programs, visit