Board OK’s weapons detection system for Brandon School District

By Shelby Stewart-Soldan
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp. — During the regular meeting on Sept. 19, Brandon School District Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a resolution to purchase a weapons detection system for the district as part of their security planning.
“Brandon School District will continue on an ongoing basis to examine all aspects of our safety procedures within our schools, as well as providing the necessary support to families and students who may be struggling with social and/or emotional challenges that could jeopardize individual or group safety,” said Dan Gilbertson, district superintendent.
The bidding process began this week, and the district will make a final decision on a purchase in the coming weeks for a weapons detection system.
“With the full recommendation of the district health and safety committee, comprised of our security consultant, private security leadership, local emergency first responders, district and school administration, the board of education has approved a resolution to seek bids for weapons detection systems that if purchased, would allow for a more efficient process to detect weapons for students entering into our District Schools and at selected after school events,” he said.
The system will also put Brandon ahead of other districts in the state in terms of security and student and staff safety.
“I’m for it because it puts us way ahead of almost every district in the state,” said Lt. Greg Glover Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon substation commander. “I don’t know any schools that have taken the measures Brandon has to keep the kids and staff safe. A lot of the recommendations we have made to the district, they’ve acted on and took the right steps to bolster our security.”
In addition to the weapons detection systems, the district has partnered with local first responders and the fire department, the district purchased ‘stop the bleed’ kits to have in every classroom and around the buildings.
The kits are a type of first aid kit that is equipped with the supplies needed to control bleeding from an injury. This will ensure that in an emergency, staff are able to provide some first-aid care before first responders arrive.
“Our school resource officer and Brandon Fire Department will be scheduling stop the bleed training sessions for district employees to attend,” said Gilbertson. “I am very thankful to the dedicated emergency first responders for their commitment to keep our families, students, and community as safe as possible as well as their commitment to the district health and safety committee.”

One Response to "Board OK’s weapons detection system for Brandon School District"

  1. mary lou kleitch   March 27, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    Today, as I hear of another schools children being murdered, I am fearfully compelled to question what measures are in place for the children in Brandon Twp. schools. My heart is crushed and broken to learn that today three little children will not be coming home today after school in Nashville. Nothing can stop mentally twisted people intent on this evil. How do we protect our children and those teachers caring for them? Are those “weapons detection systems”, at least in place, or are they still in progress? Prayerfully, not still waiting.

    A very heartsick concerned grandmother.


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