Brandon Fire Department year-end report

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.- At the regular township board meeting on Monday, Brandon Fire Chief David Kwapis gave his 2018 year-end fire department report.Brandon Fire Dept
“We were actually seven shy of our record-setting year last year of call volume,” said Kwapis.
In 2018 there was a slight decrease in calls with 1,316 incidents, down seven form 2017. Of those 1,316 incidents, 796 were medicals, 220 were good intent, cancelled or other, 102 were public assists, 67 were motor vehicle accidents, 39 were downed wires, 32 were hazardous conditions, 27 were burn complaints, 17 were structure fires, 11 were grass fires and five were vehicle fires.
“It’s still primarily, 60 percent is medical,” he said.
Of all the medicals, 220 fell into the category of other.
“Other is a category that has multiple diagnosis or multiple problems that we thing the patient may have,” he said. “So it doesn’t really fit into one category.”
Kwapis also extended his thanks to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon substation officers.
“We appreciate their effort, they show up on calls. These guys jump right in,” he said. “They’ll grab a clipboard and start writing down information, they help us move the patients, they do a great job.”
He also explained what good intent calls entailed, usually someone who sees smoke and calls 911, and the fire department responds to a non-emergency.