Brandon Middle School presents:Annie the musical

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
It may be a hard-knock life for some—but Brandon Middle School’s production of Annie is bound to brighten up the day this holiday season.
Featuring a cast and crew of about 80 students, Annie with take the stage at 7 p.m., both Dec. 1-2 at the Brandon High School Performing Arts Center, 1025 S. Ortonville Road. Tickets are $5 at the door.
“It’s well known,” said Kristen Kelsey, musical co-director. “And there’s lots of roles for lots of kids. There’s a lot more energy on and off the stage. They just never run out.”
Annie is the story of a little orphan girl wishing to find her birth parents, hoping that one day they’ll come back for her. But in her search, she gets the opportunity to spend the holidays with a lonely billionaire Mr. Warbucks, and she finds family somewhere she never expected.

The show, based off of the comic strip “Little Orphan Annie,” opened in 1977, and has spurred two movie adaptations as well.
The iconic songs, “Hard Knock Life” and “Tomorrow,” are featured in the show, but neither have won Kelsey’s heart.
“I really like ‘Maybe’,” said Kelsey, referring to the song where Annie fantasizes with the other orphans about what her parents are like.
Kelsey and co-director Brittany Miller, who teaches choir and drama at the high school, have been having a blast with the students and the other staff.
“ I did want to make sure that Kristen and I thanked our key players, Terry Lemke for props, costuming and all around help and Leanna Roman our student director from the high school,” said Miller. “Without these two Kristen and I wouldn’t be able to put on the musical.”
“It’s just so fun getting to work with younger kids,” said Kelsey. “They’re so enthusiastic.”

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