Brandon snags Federal CARES Tuition Credit

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Parents of Brandon preschool students were credited $200 towards their tuition thanks to the Federal CARES Tuition Credit.
“In the fall, I applied for a tuition reimbursement grant,” said preschool director Diane Zedan. “The good news is that we were granted approval for this grant.”
The credit affects those families that attended the Brandon Preschool Academy during the month of September 2020.
“These families will be credited with $200 towards their tuition for the month of September,” she said. “This reduces your tuition payment for the year by $200.”
If tuition for the year has already been paid, families will receive a check for the amount in the mail.
“I am happy that we were able to receive this grant to support our families who have been faithful patrons of the Brandon Preschool Programs for their preschool children throughout the years,” she said. “Thank you for your continued support of our program and the education of our youngest students.”
Families affected by the grant have been notified.

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