Brandon Township police calls continue to increase

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
Brandon Twp.- At the board meeting on Monday night, Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Brandon substation commander Lt. Greg Glover gave his 2018 year-end report.
“We have continued to see a significant increase in dispatch calls,” said Glover.
The substation had 7,523 dispatch calls in 2018, up 559 from 2017, 20-21 call average per day and 144 per week. Also, the substation has had a 34 percent increase in calls since 2014.
Also on the rise were traffic citations at 2,350, up 345 from the previous year, and the clearance rate. In 2017, the Brandon substation had a clearance rate of 59.3 percent, meaning 53.9 percent of cases were cleared with arrest or exceptionally cleared. In 2018, they had a clearance rate of 64.19 percent.

“Most of the guys out of my substation are either township residents or live in the surrounding townships,” said Glover. “So they take a little bit more pride in making arrests and closing cases.”
One point on the decline was drivers operating under the influence. 23 drivers were arrested in 2018, down from the 40 in 2015.
“They know we’re out there,” he said. “They know we’re stopping cars.”
Glover also stated in his report that they have made a strong effort of being visible on the main roads and back roads to deter speeders, drunk drivers and other dangerous driving.
“I’m again very proud of the staff assigned to this substation,” he said in his report. “If it wasn’t for their hard work and dedication to our community, we wouldn’t have the clearance rate that we have.”