Bricks for Bucks aims to revamp playground

IMG_1731 Old play ground2

By David Fleet


The Oakwood Parent Teacher Association is working to upgrade the playground at the school with improved sidewalks, accessibility, drainage and moving equipment from Belle Ann Elementary School, which closed a few years ago.

“Currently at Oakwood we have 150 students out for recess playing on just four swing sets,” said Stephanie Elowsky, Oakwood PTA president. “It’s just not enough. So we are going to move the unused equipment from Belle Anne to Oakwood and make the playground much more fun and safe.”

Donations are needed for the project which needs to be completed by August when the students return to school.

To fund the project, the PTA is selling engraved bricks on the new Oakwood Memory Lane Walkway. Cost range for the bricks range from $25 to $100 and will be installed by Austin Brick Pavers at the Oakwood playground.

“It’s a big project, but we’re almost there and need more donations to make this happen,” said Elowsky. “The Belle Ann equipment will be a great addition to the playground and the pavers will be a permanent reminder of those that made it happen.”

Contact Stephanie Elowsky, 248-701-3899 or

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