Career Awareness Day: Imagine the possibilities for their future

By Shelby Stewart
Staff Writer
On June 5, students from Harvey Swanson and Oakwood elementary schools participated in their second annual career awareness day.
This year, however, it was all virtual.
“I feel like this year, one of the best things about it was everybody could go to every session,” said Debbie Brauher, Harvey Swanson principal. “Last year kids had to cycle through and we separated them by class. Because we scheduled it where everyone was at a different time, at one point during Cook’s Farm Dairy’s, I counted 80 participants.”
There were nine career professionals who participated in giving a 25 minute virtual presentation to the students, and some students sat through almost all the presentations.
“There were a few kids who were on for the 8:30 session and stayed on for most of the day, and that just made me so happy,” said Brauher. “I think they were very engaged.”
Coy Stewart, principal of Oakwood, also noticed some of her students on all of the sessions.
“This was so awesome because it was completely elective and their choice,” said Stewart. “Our students love career awareness day and having a chance to imagine the possibilities for their futures.”
Because the day was virtual, there were some things that presenters and observers were able to do that they weren’t able to last year.
“As far as Cook’s Farm, for example, they were able to take us on a tour, so if they came to our school, we wouldn’t be able to see that,” said Brauher.
Since students were watching from home, many parents were also able to be involved.
“Parents being able to attend all sessions with their kids was another plus to doing this virtually this year,” said Stewart.

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