State Rep. to meet residents at Pete’s Coney

State Representative John Stakoe announced he will sponsor regular coffee hours on Friday, May 23. Stakoe, along with County Commissioner Tom Middleton, will be available for an informal get-together from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at Pete’s Coney. Stakoe will also meet with residents from noon to 2 p.m. at the Highland Township Hall. ‘The […]

Independence Library offers book kits

Calling all book groups! If your Clarkston area book discussion group is picking books for next season, Independence Township Library can help. The library is offering ‘Book Group Kits to Go.? These bright bags contain multiple copies of a book that has previously been purchased for the library’s own book discussions groups. Some of the […]

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor, I am writing this in response to your article on ‘developmental days? at Clarkston Community Schools. I have yet to meet anyone who is part of the ‘clear and strong majority? that is mentioned. Perhaps these 800 respondents are ‘single income? families. The impact this program has on dual income families is huge. […]

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor, Well, the Clarkston School Board has done it again. They chose a CM firm that cost them the first time around. The fact they gave the project to a company that had a $500,000 higher fee, and is a foreign company makes me wonder what sort of deal was struck? That should really […]

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor, Dr. Roberts states there is no tax increase in either of the ballot proposals. What is .127 mill restoration of the Headlee reduction? Vote no on the operating millage renewal with this override. It can be provided again without this override. The reason there is no tax increase on the 7 mill bond […]

Gargaro’s World

Can we please stop the insanity and eliminate tipping in our culture? I mean, the entire process is idiotic from where I sit. This came to a head last week when I dined for lunch at a fine Clarkston establishment. The group of four I was in had good food, humorous discussion and great atmosphere […]

Marriage worth celebrating

It’s been fun talking to editor Kyle about his upcoming wedding. He has regaled us with some good stories concerning their preparations (including a unique item for which he has registered at Target), and we wish him and his bride well. (I offered him a word of advice received about 19 years ago: ‘Just keep […]

School board candidates to appear at forum

At 7 p.m. Thursday, May 29 at the Independence Township Library, candidates vying for two open Clarkston school board seats will be available to answer questions from members of the community. All eight Clarkston residents who are running for the seats have been invited to attend this Candidate Forum. The candidate forum will be hosted […]

Eagle lands at Andersonville

Gary Elzerman, a.k.a the ‘wood guy,? carves an eagle, the school mascot, from a log at Andersonville Elementary, Wednesday, May 14. In February, students raised more than $500 in a coin drive, and paid for the new wood-carved mascot, which will find a home in the school’s lobby. Teacher Sharon Thomas said, ‘It will remind […]

Former school chief likes retirement

Milford Mason retired from his post as Clarkston’s superintendent of schools in 1988. He hasn’t slowed down, however, even at age 73. ‘I don’t know what I do, but I sure keep busy,? he quipped. With his wife, Joan, he still lives in the Clarkston area ? about half the year. The other half is […]