Letters to the editor, March 18, 2017

Wires weren’t tapped Dear Editor, Concerning Trump’s claims that President Obama had the wires in the White House tapped. No the wires weren’t tapped, bt I suggest Mr. Trump that your wires need spliced and reinforced, you are becoming unraveled and unhinged. In my opinion. Sylivia Runyon Poor job Lucas Dear Editor, I was finished […]

Letters to the editor March 11, 2017

Enjoy your Marvel Comics (In response to: ‘Burke named founding father,’ a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, March 4, page 7) Dear Editor, Bonnie Beltramo takes me to task for a supposedly mistaken quote she said I attributed to one of our “Founding Fathers.” Please read my words again BB. I did not “assign” […]

Letters to the editor: March 4, 2017

Sovereignty, freedom Dear Editor Most Americans don’t know the true significance of the 2016 election. In 1936 Joseph Stalin said, …” We will form regional socialist governments and they will be merged into a World Socialist Government.” The UN was formed with the intention of becoming the World Government. The European Union, first formed as […]

Letters to the editor Feb. 25

Dances Dear Editor, Thank you for supporting daddy-daughter and mother-son dances. Brandon Township Park and Recreation was honored to host our annual Daddy-Daughter Dance and Mother-Son Date Night on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017. We could not have done it without the help and support of Brandon School District and our sponsors MacPhee’s Restaurant and A […]

Letters to the editor, Feb. 18, 2017

Disturbing the peace? (In response to: ‘Weapons ordinance shot down after residents protest,’ The Citizen, Feb. 11, page 1) Dear Editor, On the subject of shooting at all hours. Isn’t there already a noise ordinance in place? So in other words—if you have a neighbor who is shooting all the time, couldn’t you call the […]

Letters to the editor Feb. 11

Thank you for marching Dear Editor, This letter is in response to the back- to-back columns written by Susan Bromley. The first one was on Jan. 21, “Why I March.” Thank you Susan Bromley for your beautiful and uplifting words. All the reasons you listed for marching, are the reasons I feel deep within my […]

Letter to the editor: Feb. 4, 2017

Like Trump, like follower! (In response to: ‘I am so over it,’ a letter by Tamara Itoney-Carden, The Citizen, Jan. 28, 2017, page 6) Dear Editor, I was surprised to see such a derogatory response to Susan Bromley’s column “Why I march.” This letter was filled with many statements that are inaccurate and also with […]

Letters to the Editor Jan. 28, 2017

Midnight in America Dear Editor, When I was working in a small factory in the St Clair Shores area, I was puzzled by the garbage scattered in the salaried parking lot: an occasional slice of tomato, a ruffle of lettuce like the garnish you would find on a takeout sandwich. The factory employed maybe 300 […]

Letters Jan. 21, 2017

New administration needs a chance (In response to: Letters to the editor from Bonnie Beltramo and Raymond Bilkos, The Citizen, Jan. 14, page 6.) Dear Editor, I disagree with many of the facts put forth and would like to walk it back a bit and perhaps stir some memories. Upon taking office in 2008 Mr. […]

Letters Jan. 14

Guaranteed health insurance Dear Editor, The Republican Party is doubling down on the intelligence of the American people. After electing a former game show host for president, the Republican Party is still selling that Obamacare is not working and that the only solution is to repeal and not replace. Even though 20 million people are […]

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