Memorial Day

Dear Editor, On May 30, VFW Post 582 paid honor to all veterans and celebrated the 150th anniversary of Memorial Day with our annual parade and program at the Ortonville Cemetery. Thank you to all of the scout groups for there participation and scout Pack 531 for passing out the water for the VFW. Special […]

A few questions

Dear Editor, In the coming weeks, readers will hear a lot about what Atlas Supervisor “Shirley” has done in a grandiose way. Aside from the traffic hazard of a billboard erected last week, there will be letters to the editor, personal endorsements, packaged dip samples and campaign tokens to buy our votes. Oh she is […]

Mud Lake Stewardship

Dear Editor, North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy (NOHLC) has reached its fundraising goal for the stewardship of Mud Lake in Brandon Township. Proceeds from two benefit events were combined to reach the $6,000 goal: an October Farmhouse dinner, hosted last fall by Bob and Suzy Fluck, and the spring MudBall on March 19. MudBall sponsors […]

Thank you team

Dear Editor, A sincere thank you to the those who helped me during Rocking ‘n’ Raking on April 30 so very much with picking up limbs, twigs and debris from this winter. They also raked and placed my patio table and chairs on my deck. This was all done with smiles and courteousness. What wonderful […]

Bookin’ It For Your Library

Dear Editor, A huge thank you to everyone who participated and helped with the 5th annual Bookin’ It For Your Library 5K and Dewey Decimal Dash on May 14. Despite the brisk weather, the turnout was amazing! We had 388 register for the 5K run/walk and 35 for the Dewey Decimal Dash, raising just over […]

Taxpayers have rights

Dear Editor, With summer upon us, families are preparing to break away and enjoy some quality time doing things that are important to them. If you were the Brandon School Board, now might also be a great time to “educate” the public on your financial needs. The public might be too busy to notice your […]

Outpouring of support

Dear Editor, I want to sncerely thank all those who sent kind words of condolence or cards of prayers to our community at the time of Sister Mary Martin’s death. The outpouring of support has been tremendous. It has been a great tribute to a great woman. We send our prayers back to all who […]

Thank you Ortonville community

Dear Editor, Above is a picture I would like to share with “everyone”who participated this past Saturday with the “Stamp out Hunger” campaign sponsored by the United States Post Office. There were 13 mail carts full of food, which had to be delivered in two trips and eight wonderful volunteers to help. Since OCEF had […]

Stamp out Hunger success

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Ortonville Post Office, I would like to thank the entire community for your generous donations to this year’s “Stamp out Hunger” campaign. On Saturday, May 14, we held our 24th annual food drive. Your mail carriers and volunteers picked up 8,200 pounds of food and delivered to Ortonville Community […]

I’m a Trumpster

(In response to: ‘Are you a Trumpster?’ a letter by Bonnie Beltramo, The Citizen, May 7, page 6) Dear Editor, It gets very old dealing with the far left. If you agree with them, fine. If not, you are a bigotted flat-Earther. I guess I am a “Trumpster.” Those in office now aren’t doing a very good job (19 trillion in debt and counting). As far as immigrants go, I have two sons that are half-Mexican, but I still don’t want illegal immigration. My mother was a strong-willed person and I loved her for it. I also have two children that are half-black, so I guess I like people of color. As far as an over-reaching government, they stepped outside of the Constitution years ago. When it comes to a billionaire who failed here and there, we all do, yet he is still a billionaire and knows how to run a company. Maybe that is what our government needs. When it comes to science, there is just as much to show climate change is “junk,” like the polar ice caps growing again. I’ve done the homework and found out more than 50 percent of the population is on some kind of government assistance, which translates to Democrat votes. Rational argument is something the far left never embraces, they don’t want to be confused with facts. Certainly if jobs come back into our country, the high unemployment rates of the ever-trying minorities would plummet. As far as the protests go, it is more often than not that the “Anti-Trump” protests turn violent, just ask our awesome law enforcement. I suppose I could go on and on, but I have to get ready for work to support those who would rather protest and occupy than join me in paying taxes. I guess the reason I’m a “Trumpster” is because I’m tired of watching this country go down the “Dumpster.” Steve Adcock